Traveling helps me with getting my Endorphins - Happy Hormones


Traveling they say is addictive and it is hard to resist such good addictions.I consider it as good addiction as, Traveling doesnt let you hide behind your problems or issues but helps you to outgrow and understand yourself better than before.I remeber the first time I really wanted to travel, I must be in 8th standard when there was a summer holiday organized by my school and they were planning to visit Kashmir and I was all excited, but the only concern was financial assitance and in those days it was difficult for my parents to get the basics let alone provide for this trip (not complaining :P) , nonetheless, I was happy about learning kashmir (gulmarg) through the small pamplet they had handed out. It was amazing to see the itinerary and how they were going to take care of each and every need of the students and helping through the entire journey, i was super amazed with the itinerary and I dont leave a chance to plan one if I am going to any place, yes you heard it correct, I love jotting down the itinerary part (note: not always executing it, I have people to do it :D)Fast forward now, I dont say that I haven't bitten by a travel bug but I love travelling and I try to take a few days out from my calendar and set aside money(yes you need do some budgeting) to visit a place that i havent been before. Also, I get my happy hormones running through my body by Traveling, let's just say it makes me happy and takes me to another place in my mind.Few places that i have visited so far:

Bengaluru - my old gold city Pune - laid back city Mangalore - again a laid back beach city Udupi - rich old vibes Mysore - rich old vibes Sakleshpur - best for monsoon Chikmangalur - best for winters Lonavala - all time favorite drive place Khandala - all time favorite drive place Nasik - didnt get chance to explore much Kochi - didnt get chance to explore much Alappuzha - didnt get chance to explore much Munnar - breath taking views Ahmedabad - rich old vibes Baroda - All time favorite food hogging place, cant get enough of this place GOA - why so beautiful, in and out!