Travel resolution 2018

Photo of Travel resolution 2018 by Sana Mahajan

In 2017, I had a full-time job. After enjoying the kick of learning new things & new experiences, monotony began to set in. Moreover, I realised that I had not traveled for about 5 months. I felt lost & as 2017 was coming to an end, I came across an article about all the long weekends in 2018 by @tripotocommunity .. I hadn’t thought of even becoming a traveler but I began making a list of weekends & some long trips, keeping my annual leaves in mind.

What I wrote down in December 2017 with the heading ‘Trips that I need to take’:

Dec 22- Dec 25: Rishikesh

Feb 9- Feb 13: Nepal (Feb 12 off)

March 29-April 13-Euro trip

June 15-17: getaway

Sept 7-16: Ladakh or another international trip(10th, 12th and 14th off)

This was my prediction about how my year would look like. Do you think this travel resolution came true for me in 2018?

Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Sana Mahajan

Christmas brought in a long weekend in 2017, being a much needed getaway from my usual 9-5 routine. My favourite moment was sitting on the porch by the river, with sheesha & some music on- gazing at the stars while hearing the sounds of water✨

Photo of Nepal by Sana Mahajan

My first solo trip in February'18. I took a sick leave & went away to Nepal for a 4 day escapade. 4 days in Nepal? Totally not enough to explore, but certainly enough to change my life. I learnt to accept my thoughts, fall in love with silence & seek comfort in unknown people.

Photo of Barcelona, Spain by Sana Mahajan

After I quit my job in March, I used some pending airline credit from Turkish Airlines to plan a three week trip around Europe. Hearing about it from some travellers, I was super pumped to create a couchsurfing profile. Strangers turned into friends.

Photo of Valencia, Spain by Sana Mahajan

I enjoy walking around the city & making my own way to unknown spaces but in Valencia, I made my way to beautiful corners to read. For hours, I laid in lush green parks & soaked the sun. I sifted through ‘Sapiens’, I observed people that passed by & realise how content I was being with myself.

Photo of Marbella, Spain by Sana Mahajan

Old Town in Marbella the utopia of beautiful boutiques that whispered ‘Buy now or cry later’

Photo of Chefchaouen, Morocco by Sana Mahajan

I take out some memories of the past from some places deep inside that I stopped visiting. Instead, I wander through the streets, opening up pathways for beautiful stories. There are no words to describe how beautiful Morocco is!

Photo of Assilah, Morocco by Sana Mahajan

Getting lost in different cities is a good way to find yourself. Spontaneous plans to explore small cities in Morocco.

Photo of Seville, Spain by Sana Mahajan

Spent my day in Plaza de Espana and oh man, what a beautiful place to be at! I heard it was super touristy & a must visit. Despite that, I spent an entire day strolling around, soaking the sun, eating ice-cream & doing absolutely nothing! Beautiful colours & serene vibes?

Photo of Sintra, Portugal by Sana Mahajan

Every once in a while, the world seems like a fairytale✨If you are in Portugal, Sintra is a MUST visit (just an hour drive from Lisbon).

Photo of Valley of Flowers , Hemkund Sahib, Shikhu Pur, Devpura, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Sana Mahajan

What I really love about traveling is self-reflection. 4 days, 50 hours and just being surrounded by beautiful landscapes gave me ample time to think about how things have shaped up in the past couple of years.

Photo of Ladakh by Sana Mahajan

Spent 10 days in Jammu and Kashmir, exploring parts of Ladakh and Kashmir. Just a few days weren’t enough to take in every thing this beautiful place has to offer but, every bit of this trip was so tranquil and peaceful.

Photo of Thiksey Monastery Leh Ladakh, Leh Manali Highway, Thiksey by Sana Mahajan

The world changes when we change our perspective~ staying in a monastery can be so self-reflecting & serene! It was a wonderful experience.

Photo of Jammu and Kashmir by Sana Mahajan

Not enough words to share how heavenly Kashmir is but, can this be a forever thing?Sitting outdoors with a cup of coffee unlocking beautiful views of Dal Lake☕️

Photo of Istanbul, Turkey by Sana Mahajan

Work. Save. Travel. Repeat. That's my life, now in Istanbul.

Photo of Athens, Greece by Sana Mahajan

I love the feeling of being anonymous in a city I have never been to before. You are just someone while you explore and make your way around. You get lost but, every road ends up being a beautiful one anyway.

Photo of Mýkonos, Greece by Sana Mahajan

Happy to be lost in this maze of Mykonos town!

Photo of Paros, Greece by Sana Mahajan

Monotony sets in. We get swept away by the winds of ‘the usual’. And, all we want to do is run away. Escape. They say travel is my escape. I disagree. We travel not to escape life but for life to not escape us. Sailing off on my happy journey..

Photo of Santorini, Greece by Sana Mahajan

Best views and silent moments of self discovery go hand in hand with early mornings. It doesn’t feel like I am drowning, it feels like everything else is breathing and as I stood there, I could too.

Photo of Budapest, Hungary by Sana Mahajan

Glazing at lights just makes me hold myself in that moment & think that it’s okay to not have all the answers. It gives me reassurance that I will make my way. I didn’t want to walk back from that bridge in Budapest either, I could sit and stare at it all night✨

Photo of Český Krumlov, Czechia by Sana Mahajan

I stood by a beautiful view with eyes full of admiration & no longer a need to meander.. just for that moment✨

Photo of Prague, Czechia by Sana Mahajan

I sat by the water & watched these swans for hours. I saw the city change colours blooming into dusk & I felt my mood light up with joy in this moment.

Photo of Sikkim, India by Sana Mahajan

It was not just about traveling to beautiful places but about reinventing my thoughts & getting a hold of where I wanted to head to. I don’t think I could have picked a better place than Sikkim to end 2018.

2018 was amazing & I’m full of gratitude for being able to travel more than I envisioned, for meeting wonderful people around the world & for experiences I’ll always remember. I spent this transition period into the new year travel planning & thinking about all the places on my #bucketlist this year. Do you make a travel resolution too?

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