Do You Dare to Visit These Haunted Railway Stations in India?


The Indian people have for time immemorial believed in afterlife, karma and rebirth.

The concept of soul and spirit is a part of our daily parlance. Ghost stories too are commonplace, and whether we believe in them or not, it is always fun to hear some of these scary stories.

The Indian Railways is over a century old transportation network i India. Given that it has a long history, it is not unusual to have many historic tales associated with it.

Many ghost stories too are a part of this history. People believe that these railway stations in India are haunted, and whether they are or not, you would have to find it yourself by visiting them:

1. Begunkodar Railway Station

In 1967, the villagers around Begunkodar Railway Station in Purulia district of West Bengal started claiming of ghost sightings.

They said that the spirit of a woman died in railway accident could be spotted on the railway station.

A few days later, the dead bodies of the station master with his entire family was found in his quarter.

After this incident, the railway station was declared to be haunted and trains stopped haulting here.

After 42 years, in 2009, the service was restored but people still avoid venturing here after sunset.

2. Barog Tunnel, Shimla

Also popular as Tunnel No. 33, Barog Tunnel is unpopular for the presence of the spirit of British engineer Colonel Barog.

Barog committed suicide after a professional failure. Many people have claimed to have seen his spirit strolling in the tunnel.

3. Chittoor Railway Station

In 2013, Hari Singh, a CRPF personnel was attacked and injured by RPF personnels and TTEs at Chittoor Railway Station.

Hari Singh died later, and his ghost could be seen haunting the railway station. People have now started avoiding this railway station after dark.

4. Naini Railway Station

Naini Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh is claimed to be haunted by the spirits of the freedom fighters who were tortured and killed in the jail next to the railway station.

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These spirits are harmless but there mere presence spooks out the passengers here.

5. Dombivili Station

Dombivili station sees rush all day long. But every night a destitute woman can be seen by a few people desperately trying to board the train but failing to do so. Interestingly some people can see her but others can't. It seem like the woman died trying to get on a train, and is unable to board the train even as a spirit.

6. Rabindra Sarobar Railway Station

This metro station in Kolkata is defamed for the number of suicides which take place here. Apparitions, shadows and Eerie sounds are commonplace here, and passengers are scared to travel at late hours here.

7. Patalpani Station

Freedom fighter Tantya Bhil was killed by the British at this railway station. It is believed that Tantya's spirit still haunts this place. All the trains which pass from here stop for a while to pay respect to him at his mausoleum built here.

8. Dwarka Sector 9 Station

The haunted tale of Dwarka sector 9 metro station in Delhi is funny when heard but scary when experienced. People claim to see a lady draped in white running behind cars near this metro station. Though this may sound to be a hoax, there are enough eye-witnesses to this claim.

Have you been to any of these haunted places? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

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