7 Roads and Highways That Are Infamous For Being Haunted 


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Whether you're a hard-core traveller or not, one thing that I am sure you love about vacations are road trips. After all, who doesn't love zooming over butter-smooth roads, singing to the perfect road-trip song and munching on snacks all the way, right? Road trips are super fun, extremely romantic, and if you're slightly unlucky, they can also be utterly horrifying. Here are roads and highways in India that are infamous for being haunted. If you're travelling on one of these roads, especially at night, take my advice and don't stop for anyone in need. Have a look.

(C) Flickr / Manohar D

Photo of Gata Loops by Saumiabee

Where: Manali-Leh Highway

The Manali-Leh Highway is one road that all bikers and hard-core travellers want to experience. While the road poses many challenges, thanks to its bad condition and the high-altitude it is situated at, there's an added touch of trouble that awaits whoever dares to tread its dangerous path. The highway's most popular spot, Gata Loops, a series of 21 hairpin bends that takes one to Nakeela Pass situated at 15,547 ft. is haunted. The loops are said to be haunted by the ghost of a cleaner who was accompanying a truck driver to Leh. When the truck broke down and the driver headed to a village in search of a mechanic, the area was hit by an unforgiving snow storm. The cleaner was stranded on the road for days, begging for food and water, but sadly, he succumbed to death. The cleaner was buried right on the loops, and ever since, travellers have reported seeing his ghost begging for food and water. There is now a temple where passer-bys donate bottles to appease the ghost of the cleaner.

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Photo of Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu, India by Saumiabee

Where: Tamil Nadu

Nothing good can come out of travelling along a forest that was once the abode of the notorious bandit, Veerappan. This corridor, which is a part of NH 209 is known as the most haunted place in Tamil Nadu. There have been numerous sightings of floating lanterns, ghosts and a lot of people have also heard loud screams echoing through the entire road.

(C) Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Saumiabee

Where: Mumbai

Famed as Mumbai's most haunted area, the number of people who've experienced paranormal activities in Aarey is more than unsettling. While the colony is as normal as it can get during the day, as soon as night dawns, everything in Aarey changes... for the bad. The pitch-dark road, surrounded by tall, imposing trees is enveloped in an eerie silence. There have been several reports of a woman in a white saree asking for a lift on this lonely road. She seems harmless, but immediately turns violent as soon as she gets into the car. People have also claimed seeing dead bodies and being haunted by cries of babies.

4. Delhi Cantonment Road

Where: Delhi

Probably the most popular haunted road in all of Delhi, the Delhi Cantonment Road is avoided by believers and often put to test by adrenaline junkies. Rumour has it that driving on this road around midnight will bring you face to face with the most cliched and popular ghost from stories and films – an old woman clad in a white saree! We've all heard of her, right? Numerous instances of the woman asking for a lift on the road have been reported. It is said that if you ignore the ghost, you will find her running right beside you no matter how fast your car is going.

5. Kashedi Ghat

Where: Mumbai - Goa - Kochi Highway

The Mumbai-Goa road trip is a rite of passage so to say, for most friendships. It has been romanticised by films and popular culture, and for good reason. The vistas along the route are breathtaking, they take you far away from the urban world and bring you closer to nature. However, if you happen to cross Kashedi Ghat, my suggestion to you would be to pause the revelry and get out of the area as quickly as possible. It is said that the Ghat is haunted by a ghost who will stop your car and in case you fail to stop, your car will definitely meet with an accident.

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Photo of Kasara ghat, Mokhavane, Maharashtra by Saumiabee

Where: Nashik, Maharashtra

If you're travelling to Kasara Ghat, you are sure to be left stunned by verdant rolling hills and lush-green landscapes. While you're admiring the picturesque views, stay alert because you might just spot a headless woman sitting atop a tree laughing hysterically by herself. It is said that while the roads were being constructed, numerous labourers lost their lives, and their souls haunt the road till this very day. If you're travelling during Amavasya, then your chances of spotting a ghost are very high. So stay alert or best, steer clear of this route.

(C) Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Ranchi-Jamshedpur Road, Shanti Nagar, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India by Saumiabee

Where: Jharkhand

Ever heard of a road that was cursed? You can see one for yourself by visiting the Ranchi-Jamshedpur NH 33 that is considered to be one of India's most ominous roads. Haunted by ghosts and spirits, the road's main attractions are two temples that are constructed on either sides at a particular spot. Legend has it that if one doesn't stop to pray at both these temples, they are sure to meet a terrible accident. If you're an atheist or an agnostic, you might wanna change your ideologies while on this road!

So the next time you want to take a road trip, choose the route wisely because you might just be driving on the highway to hell!

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