Unexplored Island in the Heart of India — Hanuwantiya, Madhya Pradesh

10th Dec 2019

Indrajit Das [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Photo of Unexplored Island in the Heart of India — Hanuwantiya, Madhya Pradesh by AtharavRaj Yadav
Day 1

In Recent Years, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department developed it as Tourist Destination for Water Sports Activities. Now, It is a Most Come-Up Tourism Destination of Central India. It is is an Amazing Tourist Destination based on a small town in the District of Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh and is home to Indira Sagar Dam on Narmada River, one of the biggest man made Reservoirs in Asia. The Biggest Reason to Attract Tourist is its River water which is not salty, So tourists can enjoy the Fun of Sea in River Water. It is Country’s First and Truly Mega Annual Event “Jal Mahotsav” being Organized Here. The 10 Dayz Spectacular aims to Showcase the State’s Richness and Colorful Culture through Art, Craft, Folk Music, Dance and its Exotic Local Cuisine.

It is not a Sea but You’ll be Convinced that you are by the Seaside when the Winds Play with you & the Sounds of the Waves Allure you to the Shore & It is a Piece of Land, which offers All Three Types of Adventures i.e, Land Based Sports, Water Sports and Air Sports.

Come, Let’s Explore the Unseen Island of Madhya Pradesh………

DAY-1 Reached Hanuwantiya from Khandwa Railway Station

(Nagpur and Indore are the closest cities at an approximate distance of around 350 and 130 kms respectively).

Since, The Hanuwantiya Tourist Complex is situated next to a large water body, so the Primary Focus is on Water Adventure Activities. The Boats took Tourists into the Lake, providing a Great View of the Hanuwantiya Tourist Complex.

​The Banana Boat is an Another Option for Adventure Seekers. It is an inflatable boat consisting of two banana shaped tube and is towed by a Speed Boat.

​Water Zorbing is another Heart-Throbbing Activity. Water Zorbing consists of a cylindrical shaped inflated transparent container. It floats in water and is rotated by the Riders.

​Speed Boat Rides in the Indira Sagar is the most Popular among the Water Sports Activities. Those Who are Seeking an Adrenaline Rush could Opt for the Water Scooters.

But the Ultimate Water Adventure Activity is Parasailing, where a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed Parachute. It provides an Amazing Aerial View of the Indira Sagar Lake.

Everything on Water is not meant for the Adrenaline Junkies. There are some Activities for the Faint-Hearted Too! The Cruise Ride in the Blue Waters of the Indira Sagar Lake must not be Missed, whether You were with your Friends or with Family.

Day 2

DAY-2 Good Morning from Hanuwantiya Island

The Perfect Combination of Cold-Breezy Air, the Sound of Waves of The River Narmada and Sunrise Tranquilize my Eyes & Mind.

In the Morning, Travelers can opt for a Trek along the Unexplored Trails of the Island, Spotting Birds and other forms of Wildlife.

There are Land Adventure Activities Too. It include activities like Wall Climbing. A Ziplining (which connects the artificial rock to the banks of the lake, providing a Thrilling Ride for Adventure Seekers.

Land Parasailing is another interesting activity, where the participant is pulled by a jeep and the parachute lifts the person into the sky.

The Hot Air Ballooning is also the most sought after the other Adventure Activities. Two to Three Hot Air Balloons operated in the Hanuwantiya complex, providing rides to hundreds of adventure seekers. But Due to enormous crowd pressure, the rides were shortened to a height of about 50–60 Feet, only providing a view of the tented complex.

The Greatest Aerial Views were Caught in the Camera from the Para Motor, which consists of a frame that combines the Motor, Propeller, Harness (with integrated seat) and Cage. The para-motor, which soared to a height of 400 Feet, providing an Unbelievable Bird’s Eye View of the Hanuwantiya Tourist Complex.

Rates of the Rides

Rates of Adventure Activates at Jal Mahotsav:-

Para-Motor Rs. 500

Hot Air Ballooning Rs. 500

Parasaling (Water) Rs. 550

Parasailing (Land) Rs. 500

Rock Climbing Wall Rs. 100

ZipLine Rs. 100

Jet-Ski Rs. 400

Banana Boat Rs. 150

Zorbing Rs. 100

Motor Boat (3 Persons) Rs. 200

Cruise Rs. 200

(Rates May Vary)

Best Season to Visit

From July to March is the right time to visit Hanuwantiya. Monsoon is making this Place, A Heaven.

How to Reach

Railways : Nearest Railway Station is Khandwa (50kms), which is directly connected with all Major Cities of the Country.

Roadways : Buses Facilities are always available on regular basis from Indore to Khandwa. A better option is to hire Taxi/Cab.

Airways : Nearest Airport (150 kms) is Indore Airport (IDR) which is directly connected with New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Goa, Gwalior, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur & Raipur.