Zip Zap Zoom! Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway Will Halve Drive Time

Photo of Zip Zap Zoom! Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway Will Halve Drive Time by Priya Pareek

Delhites and Mumbaikers rejoice! Very soon Delhi and Mumbai will be a long weekend getaway to each other. More often than not, last minute plans get spoiled by expensive flight fares, but soon you will be able to commute between the two metros in just 12 hours!

This will be possible because the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is planning to construct a Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway. The spanking new Super Expressway will allow drivers to glide at speeds up to 120km/hr. This new stretch will halve the travel time between the two cities. The 1,400km road trip presently takes about 24 hours.

The Super Expressway is a part of the Bharatmala Pariyojana programme that focuses on constructing a total of 34,800 kilometres of expressways across India.

Reducing the travel time

You will soon be able to zip zap zoom via the Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway and cover a distance of 1,400 kilometres at a speed of 120km/h in approx 12 hours.

The super expressway will even beat the travel time of the super fast Rajdhani Express by 4 hours. At present Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Mumbai takes a total of 16 long hours.

Route For Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway



Roadwork has already begun on the first phase of the project. It will connect Gurugram to Jaipur Ring Road by this super expressway. This leg of the project is expected to be completed in 15 months. On the other end, Mumbai will be linked to Vadodara. Next, the expressway will roll from Jaipur to Kota and then on to Vadodara.

Hopefully, all road trip lovers will soon be able to drive across India. Which is your favourite memory of a road trip? Share your experience with Tripoto travellers here.

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