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Visit Istanbul this summer for a real Turkish delight

Photo of Visit Istanbul this summer for a real Turkish delight 1/3 by Charlie B Tallent

Istanbul is a large town located in Turkey.  As the only city in the world that spans two different countries; Istanbul is huge, and has plenty to offer its visitors.  From the traditional Turkish food, to the excellent shopping possibilities at the Grand Bazaar, to its abundance of historical sites; Istanbul is the perfect holiday destination choice, catering to everyone’s tastes. 

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Photo of Visit Istanbul this summer for a real Turkish delight 2/3 by Charlie B Tallent

There are lots of things to do and places to see in Istanbul, depending on your tastes.  If culture and history is your thing, you will be spoilt for choice with the museums and sites on offers.  Check out Topkapi Palace-the oldest palace in the world!  You can even visit the Harem of the palace where the Sultan’s wives and concubines used to live.  Istanbul is home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring sites, including the Blue Mosque, the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Hippodrome, and the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum.  So, if you are looking for a cultural and historical exploration of Istanbul, there is a lot on offer. 

One of the things Istanbul is renowned for is its food, and there is no better way to experience traditional food, drink and music than at a Meyhane.  A Meyhane is a traditional event which combines the best food, drink and music, and they take place throughout Istanbul.  Affordable and fun, having a night at a Meyhane is a great way to end a perfect Istanbul holiday. 

When it comes to accommodation in Istanbul, there are almost 2000 hotels to choose from.  Whatever your requirements, there will be a perfect choice of hotel to suit you.  Searching for the perfect hotel for your holiday can be a time consuming process especially if you have never been to the destination before.  It usually involves searching through multiple travel sites and reading reviews trying to find the best options.  Travel Spec has an easy to use hotel search facility, so if you are looking for hotels in Istanbul, Travel Spec have your covered. 

For flights to Istanbul, there are three airports within an 80 mile radius, including the closest at Ataturk Airport.  With flight routes to 91 countries including Iran, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Kuwait, getting to Istanbul is relatively easy.  If you are looking for the most affordable flights to Istanbul, Travel Spec can help.  Simply enter your location and destination, and the dates of your trip, and Travel Spec will find the most affordable and most suitable flights to Istanbul for you.  Once you have the most suitable flight, booking is easy.

Photo of Visit Istanbul this summer for a real Turkish delight 3/3 by Charlie B Tallent

Istanbul has a very diverse public transport network, meaning getting around this bustling city, is an easy task.  You can use public transportation, including taxis and buses, in Istanbul to reach most places, but hiring a car can also help you get from A to B.  If hiring a car in Istanbul it’s best to get it organised in advance.  Travel Spec can help you find suitable and affordable car hire in Istanbul to make the most of your holiday. 

So if you are planning your holiday to Istanbul, let Travel Spec help.  By removing the hassle of looking for flights, hotels and car hire companies; you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

It is the largest city in Turkey, constituting the country's economic, cultural, and historical heart.
Photo of İstanbul, Turkey by Charlie B Tallent