Payli Jabalpur Great Place

29th Sep 2020
Day 1

That was solo trip Payli in Jabalpur is a great place to witness the beauty of water, and a village formed on it. Especially famous for adventure, this small village near Jabalpur is the perfect adventurous getaway from the bustling city life.

Backwater of Bargi dam forms a huge lake having enormous potential for adventure. Payli, a small village sharing the backwater on its edges, just a 50 km drive from Bargi dam, is a place where one can enjoy the true beauty of nature and many nature-based activities such as Trekking, Bird Watching, Waterfall, Boating & Adventure based activities. Surrounding area of Payli is also good for nature tourism which includes bird watching and wildlife sighting.

You can stay with Comfortable Camping Tents on double sharing basis, that comes along with constructed washrooms.
The camp has a camping capacity of 20-30 people.

The camp offers a short trekking experience, which is a great way to get close to the nature in Payli. The camp also has many activities like A.T.V, Land zorbing, Zipline, Volleyball, Burma Bridge, rifle shooting, archery,

f you are traveling via car from Jabalpur, then it would take approximately 1-hour and 45 mins for you to reach your destination. The road distance or driving distance between Jabalpur and Payli is 51 km

Photo of Payli by Harsh 🇮🇳
Photo of Payli by Harsh 🇮🇳
Photo of Payli by Harsh 🇮🇳