Another unsung heaven among the heavens of Kashmir

22nd Sep 2022
Photo of Another unsung heaven among the heavens of Kashmir by ghhghhgg
Day 1

This is a travel story to one of the most talked and visited place in 2022 by the people of Kashmir and the rest of the world.
            Gurez also spelled Gurais is a valley which is about 123 km from Srinagar. The valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and the tourists can visit the place from May to October. This place has its own charm. But in winters it looks more beautiful when feets of snow covers the valley like a pearly white blanket. But roads are closed due to the frozen snow and the only way to visit Gurez is by a helicopter from the district of Bandipora or Srinagar.
             Me and my 9 friends thought of visiting Gurez and left towards the valley from Srinagar on 19th August obviously 2022. So we packed all our essentials for the few upcoming days and left at 10 in the morning. And finally reached Bandipora at 12 am which is about 86 km from Srinagar. And there we bought a few more essentials and also had tea and some snacks. After staying there for half and hour we again continued our journey. Then after a few army check posts where we had to register our vehicles and our identity we travelled further and reached the Razdan top (pass) considered as the most dangerous for fast icy winds and repeated snow accumulation. And it is about 12000 feet above the sea level. And everything around from there looks so beautiful and the road is built with tiles so that it can withstand the snow and rain which might wash it away and thus it remains intact for a longer period of time. After ending this road and descending from the mountain there we experienced a pleasent wind and weather like we were in a different country. And finally reached Dawar a village in Gurez and set our camps there near the Kishanganga river and cooked some food, barbiques and make some tea. After that we got some dry wood around to lit the camp fire to stay away from bears and other wild animals as we were already aware about that. Its was only at 8 pm the sky was full of stars and everyone among us was lost in stargazing and constellations were visible too. Soon after some more minutes we heard the dogs of the village barking who were near the forest and when we pointed out torches towards the mountain with the dense forests we saw a brown bear and her cub coming towards the river flowing next to us to have some water and catching some fishes to eat as they did no harm to us we still were terrified while sleeping in the night although we didn't actually sleep.

Photo of Gurez Valley by ghhghhgg

Razdan top

Photo of Gurez Valley by ghhghhgg
Photo of Gurez Valley by ghhghhgg

Kishanganaga river.

Photo of Gurez Valley by ghhghhgg

Habba Khatoon peak

Photo of Gurez Valley by ghhghhgg

Brown bears

Photo of Gurez Valley by ghhghhgg
Day 2

On the next day we woke up early in the morning and experienced a beautiful sunrise and after that we freshened up for the day and had some Maggie noodles as everyone knows Maggie hits different in the mountains. After that we went towards the Habba khatoon mountain which is a giant 13000 feet with pyramid shaped peak named after a famous kashmiri poetess Habba Khatoon. And inside it is a spring known as Habba Khatoon spring which flows through the mountain and everyone gets amazed how it flows when there is no glacier or some source from where it originates then we bathed in the stream flowing near it. Later we headed back towards our camps as the sky was filled fully with the clouds and very fast winds were flowing with some rain for a while and soon the weather was clear again and we cooked our dinner and this evening again brown bears were coming down towards the river and this time none of us was afraid of them as they were not harming anyone although we saw 3 pairs and of bears and their cubs.  As they just walked near our tents. We had our desert after the dinner and slept without worrying.

Day 3

After waking up on the 3rd day we decided to go home and had our breakfast and left Dawar at 10 am after a few stops for tea and lunch we finally reached Srinagar almost at 5pm.
   This is how i added one more trip to my living life from my bucket list and had a great experience.
I hope who ever is read this and wants to visit Gurez can visit the place and have an experience.
For any queries about this i will be happy to help them.