For nature lovers this is the place - Botanical Garden, Srinagar

3rd Jun 2022

Botanical Garden was set up in 1969. in memory of Jawaharlal Nehru. Famous as Jawaharlal Nehru memorial Botanical Garden, this is a vast and beautiful garden.

Situated around the foothill of Zabarwan mountain slopes, a hill overlooking Dal Lake,
and along a road that goes to Mughal Garden, Chashme Shahi.

The garden is fully covered with flowers and green shrubs. It encompasses unique varieties of plants, trees and voluminous varieties of flowers such as from Himalayan Orchids.

This garden has a collection of about 150,00 ornamental plants and a huge collection of oak varieties. It also has a rare collection of Kashmiri tropical plants.

Many people from various areas of world visit this place. Spread over an area of approximately 80 hectares, It has four main divisions: the Plant Introduction Centre, the Research Section, the Recreational Garden and the Botanical Garden.

It also consists of several mini gardens. In this garden one can feel the beauty and blessing of nature. 

This garden has a dense temperate forest of Oak trees. This garden has a collection of well nursed and well maintained temperature trees and plants. It has a variety of different trees species of more than 50 breeds along with a wide range of plants and flowers. A greenhouse lies in the middle of the garden where you will be able to spot different types of Orchids. The botanical garden is home to more 1.5 lakh ornamental plants.

Compared to Mughal Garden, this one is quiet and peaceful and it has a treasure of more than 300 breeds of Flora which includes cedar trees and willow trees. This is a well designed modern landscaped garden.

Some hidden areas of garden have sidewalks made up of concrete along the side of the garden to encourage a stress free walk to nature lovers. There is a stunning lake here that spreads over 17 hectares. There are paddle boats in the lake that help visitors enjoy the beauty of this lake and garden. This garden has a beautiful lake and it provides sights of a pleasurable water garden and charismatic waterfalls.

This garden is a best place devoted to plant lovers and nature lovers.

Photo of Srinagar by Raeesah Tamboli
Photo of Srinagar by Raeesah Tamboli
Photo of Srinagar by Raeesah Tamboli
Photo of Srinagar by Raeesah Tamboli