The apple orchids of Kashmir

9th May 2023
Day 1

Pahalgam is a beautiful town of Jammu & Kashmir and is located approximately 90 kms from Srinagar. There are numerous locations to explore in Pahalgam where you will try to lose yourself in the purity and freshness of nature and then your soul will be nourished in the aura of calmness.

Taxis are available at the Airport that charge around Rs. 3500 for single side drop. If you are not having a plan to stay there for more than one night then its better to book the cab for to and for journey connecting to your next location. Make sure you book your taxi inclusive of all tolls and taxes.

Book your hotel on the banks of Lidder river that flows through Pahalgam and can be seen along the road. You can spend your mornings on the banks of the river with a cup of hot tea/ coffee, enjoying the beauty of golden hour as the sun rises from behind the mountains and listening to the music of waves as they hit the rocks.


On the way to Pahalgam from Srinagar, have your first stop in the Apple Orchids and satisfy your taste buds with the fresh, non-sprayed, non-waxed apples that are sweet and juicy. You can buy a box of apples for your trip and can take them back to your place also as they don’t rot for around 10-15 days as the weather is cold out there and the price they offer, is also good which is approx. Rs.100 per kg.

Photo of The apple orchids of Kashmir by Amit Singla