23rd Jun 2019
Photo of Shivanasamudra 1/1 by Kalaivani Velusamy
Slight rainfall streams at Shivanasamudra

Plan phase of the Trip:

We set off to Shivanasamudra from Bangalore in KTM. I have chosen this place just to enjoy the monsoon weather and also wanted to experience the bike trip. No precautionary wearables just a jean and shirt for him and a cool dress for me. Had taken jackets just in case if it rains and also from heavy winds.

Beginning of the trip

Planned for 5.30 am but started around 9.30 :-P. We are lazy bums. Started the bike after having black coffee at home.

Petrol check done - filled petrol for 600 bucks

Packed 2 bottles of drinking water at home. Worst idea as it added up weight for me to hurt my back more for a pillion rider.Pack very light. Also KTM as a pillion rider, worst choice for the first bike trip.

Took NICE Road (Paid a toll fare of Rs.25/-) to reach Kanakapura Road in 1.30 hrs from outer ring road.

What to eat for:

Through out Kanakapura Road you can see few fancy restaurants. We had thatte idli and coffee at a famous food joint called Sri Renuka Bidadi bisi thatte idli hotel, not sure about exact name but it comes Enroute . We went in without knowing this famous shop and found out that its pretty famous joint. Very quick service and a normal price.

Sri Renuka bisi thatte idli hotel

Photo of Shivanasamudra, Karnataka by Kalaivani Velusamy