India is safe to travel

15th Aug 2015
On this independence day I am requesting to everyone that don't give statement like 'India is unsafe to travel'. Everywhere people used to ask me same thing that 'how can you travel alone in India?' I must say that India is safest to travel. Don't give any statement until and unless you experienced by yourself. We Indians are making India unsafe by giving such kind of statements only based on stupid crime petrol and other media. If you are afraid, you may have scary experiences. But if you are open, confident, positive & trusting Dan you are likely to have warm, caring, protective & wonderful experiences. Just come out from your comfort zone, explore India, learn different cultures and understand the people than you will realise beauty of our country. So many times I did night travelling, using local transport only, no advance bookings and conversation with strangers but I must say everywhere I found very helpful and friendly people who makes me feel comfortable on new places. Feeling proud to be a part of such a beautiful country, different cultures, lovely people, amazing traditions, uncountable God and variety of cuisines.