5 hostels in Hampi which are every backpacker's dream come true!


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Photo of 5 hostels in Hampi which are every backpacker's dream come true! by Adete Dahiya

A land of stories and culture, ancient ruins that take you back in time, serenity in the air and a crazy vibe that will leave you wondering if this is the town you read about in your history textbooks. Once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire and now a UNESCO heritage site, Hampi is a lot more than you would’ve ever imagined.

One walk through the lanes of the city and I bet you’ll fall in love. The city oozes of culture and heritage coupled with a bohemian vibe which has developed in the past few years, owing to the huge influx of European tourists. As a result, Hampi has emerged as one of the most visited tourist attractions in the state of Karnataka but still manages to hold its sense of tranquility. Pocket-friendly accommodations, cafes serving delectable cuisines from around the world, easy availability of recreational drugs and most importantly, a laid back atmosphere makes Hampi a favourite amongst hipsters, backpackers and solo travellers.

Photo of 5 hostels in Hampi which are every backpacker's dream come true! 2/3 by Adete Dahiya
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So if you’re planning to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience while blowing out a bomb, here’s a specially curated list of the best hostels in Hampi that promise a memorable stay in this unconventional destination. And remember, when in Hampi, take it slow!

Jungle Tree

Photo of 5 hostels in Hampi which are every backpacker's dream come true! 3/3 by Adete Dahiya
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If you’re travelling on a budget but don’t believe in compromising the basic amenities, Jungle Tree is your perfect fix in Hampi. With accommodation facilities which are easy on the pocket, the Jungle Tree offers services such as free Wi-Fi and also has an on-site restaurant. The eccentric coloured walls coupled with cosy interiors and outdoor seating areas make Jungle Tree the perfect place to put up in Hampi. To top it all, the property is also pet-friendly!

Price: Starts at INR 699 per night

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Photo of Siri Homestay, Hampi, Karnataka, India by Adete Dahiya

If you thought hostels were all about small cramped up spaces, Hampi’s Siri Homestay will change the way you think. This budget property offers views of lush green mountains, free Wi-Fi, private parking, well-equipped rooms with attached bathrooms and television—all that and much more while sticking to its promise of offering the best prices in town. And their biggest USP? The picturesque property is away from the hustle bustle of the city, making it easily the most peaceful pocket-friendly den in Hampi.

Price: Starts at INR 650 per night

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Photo of Rocky Guest House, Hampi, Karnataka, India by Adete Dahiya

Seven cozy and clean rooms, one generous host and plenty of rooftop cafes to laze around in all day—life doesn’t get any better, does it? The Rocky Guesthouse offers this straight-out-of-a-dream experience at rock bottom prices and its central location only adds to its charm. The rooftop restaurant serves a sumptuous range of Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Continental delicacies that you should miss at your own risk!

Price: Starts at INR 1000 per night

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Photo of Padma Guest House, Hampi, Karnataka, India by Adete Dahiya

Strategically located near the Virupaksha Temple, one of the biggest attractions in Hampi, the Padma Guesthouse is yet another favourite amongst the backpackers owing to its central location. One can opt for, both, shared as well as as private accommodations in this homely and basic hostel, nestled right in the heart of Hampi’s bazaar area, where all the action is! The warm and courteous staff never shies away from suggesting the best experiences in the vicinity, making your stay a simple yet holistic experience.

Price: Starts at INR 800 per night

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Photo of Om Shiva Guest House, Hampi, India by Adete Dahiya

If no-frill unwinding is your thing, then look no further! Located on the famous River Road, the Om Shiva Guest House is minimalism at its best. The extremely simple architecture and modest interiors will make you feel at home. The guesthouse also offers services such as free WiFi and has small shops within the premises to take care of your daily needs. Spend your day unwinding in your room or relax with a novel at the guesthouse’s small verandah, while sipping a cup of green tea or just go for a stroll to discover the ancient ruins of Hampi, there’s always plenty to do at the Om Shiva Guest House.

Price: Starts at INR 850 per night

And while you're in Hampi, don't forget to visit the iconic temples of Virupaksha and Vitthala; stroll around the famous Elephant Stables, Queen's bath and Stepped Tank. You can also shop at the lively Hampi bazaar.

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