Do not just enjoy, live it the fullest! 5 ways to live your trip. #traveltips


Try these 5 ways to live your next trip!

1. Keep your professional work at the bay!

The very first and foremost point is not to mix your personal and professional life! A lot of us, have a habit of carrying office laptops on a personal trip.

At a times it is difficult, especially for those who have multiple responsibilities in their professional life. And by any chance if you are on a holiday with your family, then this habit may become equally annoying for your loved ones. Neither you enjoy your holiday nor you're in a position to completely concentrate on your work.

Hence, however difficult it might seem, make a habit of keeping your work away, when you are on vacation. Request your colleagues not to call you during your holidays unless it is extremely important and urgent or set auto reply to your emails regarding your unavailability during specific period. Similarly, keep your professional thoughts away and involve in the outer world.

2. Do one thing that you've never done before.

During your trip, try one thing which you have never done before. This could be anything. Maybe a first attempt at any adventure sport or trying a new cuisine or trying your hand at fishing or spending a night in the open air.

This could be literally anything and may even sound extremely basic. But you just need to remember one thing, that, 'what sounds easy and basic for another person, could be a new learning experience for you.'

Each human being has got a different life with a different timing. Hence, enjoy every essence of your new experience even though it is a smallest thing. This will help you, believe yourself.

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My first sea walk at Thailand.

3. Go for an 'empty hand' trip!

Wondering what is empty hand trip? This may sound impossible for many, but if tried, would turn out to be a lifetime experience.

Once in a while plan an 'empty hand' trip, a trip without gadgets!

'What? Are you crazy? That's next to impossible', 'Hey! how can you travel without a smartphone in a new region!?', 'I can't spend heavy money to visit a beautiful place and not capture a single moment!', 'How am I supposed to click those #wanderlust pictures for my Instagram feed!?', 'What if there's an emergency..?' Wait, wait wait!

I totally agree with all these and more such similar questions and they do make sense. But guess what? There is a way out!

You don't have to plan your first long solo trip without gadgets or your first international trip without a smartphone. Start with short and close! A short trip with close ones. This way, you can live your 'empty hand' trip to the fullest without having to worry about safety and unforeseen circumstances.

Maybe you can plan a small hike in the outskirts of your city with your close friends or a weekend getaway with your family.

An 'empty hand' trip will actually let you live those refreshing moments. After all, your heart has an unlimited storage to cherish the moments you have lived.

4. For a day, be in a shoe of a localite.

No! I don't mean to say that you have to borrow a pair of shoes from a local and wear it for the whole day.

Here, I meant that, if possible, for one day, try to live the life of local people. Maybe, you can spend some time with them and perform activities of their daily routine. This will be definitely a new experience for you but more than that, you will get an important learning.

This specific experience will make you understand, what everyone else needs to deal with, in their day to day life and how different lives are being lived in different regions. This may give you a new approach to lead your own beautiful life.

5. Spend some lone time.

We, humans are so engrossed in the daily routine of work, friends and family, that we often forget to spend some moments with ourselves.

A quality 'me' time is equally important to live a peaceful life. During your trip when you are far away from the world of your routine, spend some lone time. Maybe you can enjoy a sunset with a cup of coffee or a walk on the beach with naked feet while listening to the rhythmic waves or star gaze under the open sky and feel the cool breeze.

While you are having your own time, free up your mind, remove all the toxic thoughts and just feel your surroundings.

During my Hampi trip, around 6.30 in the morning I went on the bank of Tungabhadra river, dipped my feet in the cold water and for next one hour I heard the melodious sound of babbling water. That one hour is cherished in my heart forever, perhaps why even today when I recollect that time, I can feel it completely. I can feel the gentle touch of cold water and the rhythmic murmur.

The quality time that you spend with yourself is the best peaceful takeaway, which you can live at any stage of your life.

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