Namma Bengaluru, city with the hill station feel #notinhills #IssSummerBaharNikal

22nd May 2019
Day 1

Want to beat scorching heat this summer? Want to explore the destination other than the hills? Want to feel the lush greenery accompanied by cosmopolitan look? If you have all these questions in your mind, Bangalore is surely one of the best bet during summer.

Naturally gifted with pleasant weather throughout the year, the capital city of Karnataka has all boxes ticked.

As you approach the MG road area which is at the heart of Bengaluru, directly head to Ulsoor lake and enjoy boating which will surely set the tone for the entire trip.

Salubrious climate, cool breeze, emerald surroundings with variety of swaying tall trees will definitely have an everlasting impact on one's mind.

Boating charges : Around Rs.50/- per hour

Timings: 10am-06pm

Photo of Namma Bengaluru, city with the hill station feel #notinhills #IssSummerBaharNikal by Richa Girdhar

Explore rest of the day at MG road and brigade road, enjoy window shopping, visit Garuda mall and nearby malls. This place has got plethora of eating joints and if you are fond of biryani or grilled chicken, then you have stuck the right chord.

Day 2

An early start of the day and you land in Mysore, which is the second most popular city in Karnataka after the capital city Bengaluru.

Photo of Namma Bengaluru, city with the hill station feel #notinhills #IssSummerBaharNikal by Richa Girdhar

Distance from Bengaluru to Mysore: around 150 kms.

Road trip duration: 4-5 hours including refreshment break

Tip: Enjoy the real beauty watching swaying palm trees while riding and do breakfast at any of the Kamat's chain which are in abundance on Bengaluru Mysore highway.

Explore churches, Chamundi Devi temple and Mysore palace which is the main attraction and looks magnificent at dusk.

Start at around 8 pm and head back to Bengaluru.

Day 3

Shivasamundra falls

Photo of Namma Bengaluru, city with the hill station feel #notinhills #IssSummerBaharNikal by Richa Girdhar

Distance from Bengaluru: around 150 kms.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Mode of transport: zoom car or rented taxi

Reaching to the tip of the falls requires a long walk to the valley (downstream journey followed by upstream journey by foot while coming back).

However all this effort is compensated by extraordinary scenery and icy cool waters of the streams once you reach the point where you get impatient to get into the water to beat your whole body sweat.

Several streams landing near you will seem as if milk is pouring out of the tumbler and several short term rainbow formations will make this experience surreal.

Tip: do carry eatables and drinking water along with you as there is scarcity of local shops.

Start heading back before the sun sets as it gets too dark and difficult to reach back at your parking area.

Day 4

Wonderla- the best way to beat summer.

Distance from Bengaluru city to Wonderla-: around 30 kms

Duration:1 hour (depends on traffic conditions)

Entry fees:1000-1200 per person (weekdays rate, weekend rates may vary)

Mode of transportation: rented taxi or Ola, Uber.

Indulge yourself in water rides along with live DJ which is enough to forget all your stress and worries. Take time to relax inside lazy river and you will observe the waterpark name truly justified.

Once you are done, enjoy dry rides and scream high with joy till your throat gets down!

Tip: reach waterpark latest by noon as there are abundance of water and dry rides and requires time to cover all these rides.