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Udupi, which is also known as temple city is a famous place for its clear long beaches and beautiful Dravidian architecture based temples. There are many temples to visit here in Udupi and all of them are simply beautiful.

From the Brahmin Veg cuisine to the famous seafood. You can find them all here at Udupi.

There are many things to do in Udupi. But if you are on a quick visit then below is the list of 10 must do things in Udupi

Visit The famous Krishna Matta temple.

Udupi is definitely the temple town of Karnataka, but the most famous temple in all of Udupi is the Mystical 600-year-old Krishna Matta Temple. When you visit the place you get an amazing spiritual and positive vibes. The Temple is home to Lord Krishna.

The temple also has a golden Chariot made completely of Gold. Which depicts the famous Mahabharata scene of Lord Krishna taking Arjuna to war. The temple has a mystical story behind it. You can buy bangles and many local handicraft items here, while buying try to ask the seller about the mystical story of the temple. The story will definitely give you goosebumps.

Eat at local Dinners.

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Udupi restaurants are famous all around the world. If you ask anyone where to have a good south Indian meal he/she will definitely reply go to a Udupi restaurant. Diana, Kediyoor, Shanti Sagar are some of my favorite restaurants in Udupi.

Don't hesitate to go to any local restaurant here, since all of them serve good south Indian Meal. Don't go for Punjabi dishes at these place since they are not good at making them, rather try south Indian, i promise you won't be disappointed.

Enjoy the famous Gadbad Ice Cream.

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Shop around in Udupi market.

The Krishna Matta Temple is surrounded all the 4 sides with many shops and stores. You can either buy the famous South Indian papads (believe me they have many varieties here), Or visit the snack store for the famous Goodthi Halwa(wheat halwa).

The best place to buy things in Udupi's are bakeries. Among all Alywn Bakery is the famous one in Udupi and very close to the Udupi Bust Stand. You can also shop for Bronze utensils and Holy statues.

Visit the Famous Manipal University.

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The one place you cannot miss out is visiting Manipal. Manipal is home to one of the biggest university of India. The university has Microsoft CEO as its alumni.

The place has planetarium and Medical museum for entertainment. The medical Museum is must visit the place, I have never seen a museum like this in my life. The Museum has original body parts stored in preservative chemicals and put up for display. Do visit the place if in Manipal.

Also, do visit the Manipal End Point to get the view of the entire coastal area of Udupi. It is one of the best views you can get of the city.

Mattu Beach.

Mattu beach is one of the best and pleasant beach in Udupi. Though you should not get down in the beach since the currents are very strong at this place, but you do get an awesome view here.

The way to the Mattu beach is also really awesome. First you need to cross a narrow bridge over a river. The Place is perfect example for tropical south India. Then you walk through the ever green fields. I just can't describe the feeling you get while walking through here.

Malpe Beach and Malpe sea walk.

Malpe beach is one of the famous beaches in India. The place is a famous Tourist attraction. Malpe Beach is often filled with local and foreign tourists. Many Bollywood movie have been shoot in this beach. The beach is best place to have the famous local bhel known as Churmuri and also try out Gobi Manchurian here.

The second part of the Malpe beach visit is to walk at the newly build new tourist attraction "Sea Walk". The Sea walk is a build along the lines of famous sea walks around the world. You get a good view of the Malpe harbors and you get to see many fishing boats here.

Kapu Lighthouse.

Kappu is another small beach village near Mattu. Kapu is known for water sports and the famous Kapu Light house. The light house is not operational all the time, but you do get to go to the top of the light house.

The place around the light house has been beautified and made it favourable for tourists visit. The place also have some shacks which offer local refreshment.

Have Lunch at a local Temple.

Since Udupi is a temple town and has many numbers of temples. One of the best things to do is to get the taste of the local cuisine and for that you should have food at these temple. You can get started with Krishna Matta Temple.

You will find many devotees at these pan-tee's (local word for the lunch). These lunches are free since they use the donated money to make these meals. The meal has some kind of magic in them, the satisfaction after eating these meals cannot be really described in words. One of the Best thing to do in Udupi.

Eat the local Delicacy, "Golibaje".

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Goli Baje

Every place has its own local delicacy, so does udupi. One of the best local dish is Golibajje. These are small round balls which can are eaten along with coconut chutney.

You can also try other famous dishes from Udupi like Bhene Dosa, Buns etc. Since this is a coastal city, you should also try out some fish curry and different kinds of seafood in here.

Udupi is one of the best places to visit in Konkan. It is the mix of rich Konkan tradition and awesome beaches. You get the real taste of Konkan at this temple town and also see some old Dravidian architecture. The temple town is filled with these Dravidian architecture.

These were some of the best things you can do when in Udupi. The best thing is to visit all the temples here and with every new temple you will be definitely be enthralled by the architecture and deign and the rich Konkan tradition.

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