Udupi- Sun, Sand, Sea, Spiritual & Some really great food.


Need on an real break !!! :)  Always an confused stint to decide on for place. For an combo pack leaded me to Udupi-This temple town in Udupi District is situated on the southwest coast of India. Sun, Sand, Sea, Spiritual & Some really Great Food. Find out my list for an loaded weekend break.

1. Go the Spiritual Way. Udupi-Sri Krishna Matha, witness the legendry Kanakanakhindi.

Why not to start a day with the an visit to the Almighty Abode. A story behind goes like this.... Once Kanakadasa, a pious worshipper and devotee of Lord Krishna, was staying in a makeshift hermitage in front of Krishna mutt. There was an earthquake in the night and the outer temple wall cracked such a way that there was a wide enough opening for Kanakadasa to have darshana of the idol. Till today, devotees still worship Lord Krishna by praying through the same window where Kanakadasa was seeing the offerings/pooja from outside. It is known as Kanakanakhindi (Kanaka-name of the devotee, khindi means window).

Photo of Udupi- Sun, Sand, Sea, Spiritual & Some really great food. 1/6 by Shilpa Shersingh

2. Tummy full. Enjoy the prasadam served in the form of lunch & dinner at Sri Krishna Matha for Free !!!

Yes, you got it right. Free !!! Udupi Cuisine which is world famous, origin is linked to Krishna Matta. This cuisine was developed by Shivalli Madhwa Brahmins, who cooked food for Lord Krishna, and at Krishna Matta in Udupi, the food is provided free. Lord Krishna is offered food of different varieties every day, and there are certain restrictions on ingredients.

Photo of Udupi- Sun, Sand, Sea, Spiritual & Some really great food. 2/6 by Shilpa Shersingh

3. Best Therapy is the Beach Therapy, Malpe Beach- first Indian beach with 24/7 WiFi, #Arabian Sea :)

Malpe is around six kilometers from Udupi, port and fishing harbor on the Karnataka coast. It is a suburb in Udupi city. So, hit the Beach town Maple. A perfect destination for those looking for plenty of fun in the sea, crammed with culture, sandy beaches and a hot climate, it has everything the most discerning traveler could wish for. Camel & Horse rides, Parasailing, Jet ski, Banana boat rides, Boat rides, Surfing, Street Foods, Sea Foods...

Photo of Udupi- Sun, Sand, Sea, Spiritual & Some really great food. 3/6 by Shilpa Shersingh

4. Island Days, Island Ways, Surf, Sand & Sunny Rays- St. Mary's Island.

Folk legend, in the year 1498, Vasco da Gama landed at St. Mary's Islands on his journey from Portugal, fixed a cross on the island and named one of these islands, O Padrão de Santa Maria, as a dedication to Mother Mary, before proceeding to Kozhikode in Kerala, so the islands got their current name.Scientific studies indicate that the basalt of the St. Mary's Islands was formed by sub-aerial subvolcanic activity, because at that time Madagascar was attached to India. The rifting of Madagascar took place around 88 million years ago !!!

Photo of Udupi- Sun, Sand, Sea, Spiritual & Some really great food. 4/6 by Shilpa Shersingh

5. Aah, look what I found-Sancks !!!-Mitra Samaja.

Bigger snacks, bigger slacks, Snack smart. Beat the hunger say in breakfast, brunch or evening snack...why bound in time, take it when you like & as you like. Mitra Samaja is a vegetarian restaurant in Udupi. It is located on "Car Street" very close to the Krishna temple. The restaurant serves authentic Udupi cuisine. Ensure try out Goli Baje, Sheera, Pooris, Neer dosa's, Kotte kadubu's & hot beverages like Filter Coffee & Kashaya.

Photo of Udupi- Sun, Sand, Sea, Spiritual & Some really great food. 5/6 by Shilpa Shersingh

5. Back pack the Snack pack- New Diana Departmental Stores + Diana Hotel.

Keeping the Hand empty is fine but keep up the Bag full while return. New Diana Departmental Stores, provides an huge range of fresh Hot Chip's, Udupi Cuisine Spices, Sponge Cakes, Nutty & Jaggery Sweets, Tamarind Stick's, varieties of Chikky's & much more, so there so much for all in an family & friends. Grab up the famous Cutlet's for which Diana Hotel is famous for & Gudbud as dessert, the best one can bet for, eat & shop on same time.

Photo of Udupi- Sun, Sand, Sea, Spiritual & Some really great food. 6/6 by Shilpa Shersingh

Happy Break....:)