14.7N, 74.1E - Arabian Sea

8th Feb 2019
Photo of 14.7N, 74.1E - Arabian Sea by Karim S A
Day 1

Travel is more about meeting new people and learning cultures than merely seeing new places. It gives you a unique perspective about the world. People around the world are inherently good, and travel makes you discover this universal truth. It not only fills your life with experiences, but weaves life into a beautiful story to narrate to the eager ears. New places have a special inquisitive charm about them.

Travel showcases to us and to our children, how good people are, around the world irrespective of their caste, color or creed. No matter what attire they wear, or no matter what language they speak, emotions around the world are universal. Pain and pleasure and felt alike everywhere. Travelling solo, and hanging around with strangers sometimes throws open an altogether new light on life. People around the world are amazing, travelling lets you discover them. Travelling gives you the space to reflect upon life, it broadens your horizon.

Your stay could be as little as just 4 to 5 days, but it refreshes you mind and soul and makes you ready to face the daily ordeals of your mundane life all over again. It gives a new perspective to your thinking and to your way of looking at things and people. Travel memories not only enrich, but also inspire.

The Sun rises and the Sun sets, and in between we lead our mundane rigmarole lives. Life looses its sheen and becomes hackneyed.

Most of what I just said applies to all in general, but married people’s need for travel is more specific, because the mundanities of life rob away the sheen of the romance between the couple. I am here reminded of a song whose lyrics go like this, “Sometimes I push you away because I need you to pull me closer”. Doesn’t this sum up how important it is for couples to come closer and how important it is to keep the fire of romance burning and alive within them? What better way, to go to a far off place, just the two of you, and let your hair down and unwind. May be a a couple of nights in a Tree-House in a Resort in the dense forest, or may be, by the beach-side Resort, sitting on the sands, sipping coconut water, and seeing the Sunset hand in hand, together, just you and your soulmate.

Need a suggestion to run away into such wilderness?

Come, I will unravel and tell you of a place, where you can be lost in each other, far away from the maddening crowd.

About 170 KMs from Hubballi in Karnataka, when you travel via NH 52, you reach a T Junction. From here to the opposite you can see the beautiful Arabian Sea, and the Road to the Left leads you to Mangaluru and the Road to the Right leads you to the State of Goa. In fact, if you happen to take the KSRTC Airavat AC Volvo Bus from Hyderabad to Mangaluru, it passes through this picturesque road by the Sea in the early hours of the day as the Sun rises. The clean beach along the road with multi colored pebbles is so inviting. You just feel like screaming “STOPPPPPPPPP” to the Bus Driver and would want to alight the bus to enjoy and play with the pebbles and the Sea waves in the clean long beach. Words can’t do justice to describe what your eyes see and feel.

River Kali flows in between Karwar, Karnataka and the State of Goa. In fact, just across the town of Karwar you can see the bridge built over the River Kali which connects Karnataka to Goa. It’s here you need to take a boat ride from the Sadashivgad jetty to reach Kurumgad Island. The beauty of this island is, though it is just 20 minutes boat ride away, it offers perfect privacy since the island is secluded and exclusive.

In a Sailor’s language, this island is situated 14.7N and 74.1E on the Arabian Sea. All around the island, in the blue waters, you can find dolphins blissfully popping up every now and then which is such a delight to watch. As your boat wades through the blue waters of the Arabina Sea, heads just keep turning sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right, since you don’t know from where you find the popping dolphins gleefully splashing into the waters.

When Nature speaks, conversation between people is so minimal, since their eyes are engrossed in assimilating the beauty around them. Even the illiterate turn poetic, when the breeze plays with the water and sprays mist on your face. There’s a smile on every face – the old, the young, men, women and children. When you are in such an environ, and travelling with people unknown, even strangers become friends in no time. As you are engrossed in spotting the pods of dolphins of all sizes, afar, like a tortoise, beneath the clouds, you spot the island called Cintacor.

Every place has a history and a mist of mystery enveloping it. It was in 1498 that Vasco da Gama lead his Portugese Ships into the Western Part of India. They harbored their ships on this natural harbor formed by the islands off Karwar in Karnataka, and they named it Cintacora.

Love to spend a few days here in seclusion? Go get, mesmerized.

Day 2

Leave Hubballi early and reach Karwar by Noon time and have your lunch take a nap, wake up, get fresh, have Tea and snacks, and head straight to Ravindra Nath Beach. Spend some quality time with your loved one and retire for the day in your Hotel.

Wake up early, pack your bags, check out of your Hotel and head straight to Sadashivgad jetty to catch the boat to reach Cintacora Island Resort. Early morning is the best time to spot dolphins.

Day 3

Cintacora Island Resort has 3 types of Cabins to suit your taste and stature. Cabin S, Cabin O and Cabin H. Cabin S are spacious cabins with large balconies and with a sweeping view of the Sea. Cabin O is perfect for couples and for friends who want to share space in close knit togetherness. Cabin H has spacious cabins overlooking the Sea with a breathtaking vast expanse of the Sea with Pop Up Art on the Walls.

Art on the Walls, and the view of the Sea from the balcony won’t satiate your hunger pangs. There are three options for dining too. Nemo’s Deck. Living by the Sea-side has its own catch. You can relish the freshest catch. Here, you find the Continental, the Konkan and the Indian amalgamation infused in their dishes. Chose what you want and eat to your heart’s content. Nemo’s Deck is perched on the highest spot in the Island thus giving you a view of the never ending expanse of the beautiful Arabian Sea. Drinks, Conversations and the company of your loved ones. What else can one ask for? A perfect night to remember. Option two is Jolly Roger’s Club where you can retreat in the open lounge. Sit by the Pool Table, relish the eclectic selection of music and the finest drinks. Option three is a bar called On The Rocks, where you can just sit and unwind and sing with the breeze and the wind.

You, Sea and your loved One – Perfect threesome!

Day 4

The body feels so relaxed in such surreal surroundings. The silent glances between you both, the romantic whispering and the roaring sound of the Sea waves conversing with the Rocks. Enjoy Sunrise Cruises and Sunset Cruises around the Island and the Light House Tour and feel mesmerized. Options don’t end here. The kids can enjoy Nature Trail Walks, Fishing, Nature Camps, Water Sports, Rock Climbing and Rappelling or spend time with the Indoor Games. 24 Hours feels so little time.

Is a Resort complete without a Spa…?

Day 5

Become a baby again, just sleep and let your tired bones be massaged at the Kurumasana Spa. The Spa offers Swedish and Thai massages, body wraps, treatments, and therapies. There is no better way to let loose your inhibitions by the Arabian Sea.

Become a Seabird for a while, and fly into the horizon…!

Picture courtesy: https://www.google.com/search?q=cintacor+island&rlz=1C1CHBD_enIN708IN708&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjoprnT4szgAhWEfysKHbNPCKEQ_AUIDygC&biw=1366&bih=608#imgrc=aOn3RPv6l9jyjM: