Chembra Peak: Trek to the heart shaped lake

Photo of Chembra, Kozhikode, Kerala, India by Postcard Chronicles
Photo of Chembra Peak Heart Lake, Kottappadi part, Kerala, India by Postcard Chronicles

For all the travel enthusiasts who love greenery and adventure, Chembra peak in Wayanad is a perfect spot. Located in south of Kalpetta, near Meppady, Chembra is 2100m from the sea level. The best part about hiking up this rugged terrain is that, one gets to see the beautiful heart shaped lake which is said to have never dried up.

I took this trek as a part of a group trip organized by Crazy Yatra. But it can also be done on our own. Must know pointers before taking the trek to Chembra.


It’s an ideal weekend getaway place for Bangaloreans. Its 350 kms from Bangalore and can be done as a road trip as well. The route would be Mysore, Gundlupet, SulthanBathery, Kalpetta, Meppady and chembra estate. The chembra estate is only 7 kms from Meppady and you’ll find sign boards indicating the route right from Kalpetta, so it’s not that difficult to figure out the route once you reach Kalpetta.

Best time to visit

Its said to be a comfortable trek throughout the year but I would suggest visiting in winter. I did a winter trek to this place and loved it. Trekking this place during monsoons might be difficult as the descend is quite narrow and might get slippery with rains.

Distance and Difficulty

It’s a 14km trek and the difficulty level is moderate. Depending on the fitness level time to reach and descend might vary. Overall it takes around 6-7 hours to complete the trek.


We need to get forest officers permissions to take the trek. It is usually given on the spot at the forest office located in Chembra estate. Near the forest office, you’ll find trekking guides who can guide us way up to the peak. But even without the guides, the trek can be done as the trail is frequented by people


Night camping at the peak is not allowed. This can be done only as day trek.

Food and Water

Carry energy bars and atleast 3-4L of water per person, especially during summers as weather is quite dry and hot to hike up the hill

Scenic spots at the top of the hill

There are 2 lakes, one of which is heart shaped and looks stunning from the top. The other is normal yet clear and beautiful. One can see the towns of Kalpetta and Vythiri from the top. The entire trail itself is a visual treat.


One can easily find rooms in the vicinity. There are stay options available in the Chembra estate itself. Meppady and Kalpetta also have several affordable stay options.

Sightseeing spots nearby

Apart from the trek, one can visit Soochipara falls, Banasura sagar dam, Edakkal caves and neelimala view point.