I Went to Wayanad with so much hype, returned with resolution to never visit again - #overratedplace

12th Aug 2017

A place that I would never probably visit again is also the place which is lauded as green paradise – Wayanad. Wayanad nestled in the Western Ghats surrounded by some of the popular south Indian destinations: Ooty, Coorg, Mysore, Kannur. It is surrounded by number of National parks, Sanctuaries and Dams. It has mixture of places and things in his arsenal like, picturesque viewpoints, beauty-guaranteed trekking, wild spotting parks, tryst lakes, romance fueling resorts, tasty foods and fun-filled activities.

Pookode Lake view

Photo of Pookode Lake, Pookode, Kerala by Siva Ilankumaran

So why say no to Wayanad second time?

One would wonder why Wayanad isn’t a destination to visit again if it has all the above mentioned things in his kitty. Yes, people do capture, not just few, but many breathtaking clicks from Wayanad. The ‘DP’ taken from Wayanad, not only attracts numerous like but also looks heavenly. The stories of “how couple spent weekend in the jungle in luxury resort” is nevertheless lovely. But is it rated correctly?

No because,

It is single dimensional – It is a lovely place to be in Monsoons: provides relaxation to the soul, let you feel like connected to the nature. The winters provides awesome pictures but reality is it only provides pictures and shuts all attractions, even if you don’t mind travelling in rain you would more or less have nothing open to see. And Summer lacks vitality, it will look like pale resemblance of itself. You would end up wondering is it really the place you have red or seen? Of course, most of the tourist destinations are period specific but the problem with Wayanad is even in its best period it lingers below other destination due to other minuses.

Green Carpet

Photo of Vythiri, Kerala, India by Siva Ilankumaran

It disappoints with uncertainty – Million-dollar question by the people planning for Wayanad is “Is Chembra Peak open now”. People who pumped up to travel Wayanad will be looking for Chembra Peak and it is still an unsolved mystery when Chembra peak is open and when tourist are allowed to Chembra Peak. If Chembra Peak is closed, then Wayanad suddenly looks disabled, ceases to be attractive and would become like a holiday resort – nowhere to go and only provides relaxed holiday. The other attraction in Pookode lake like kayaking and boating also open only specific period and disappoint you if you travel without knowing the period.

Chembra Peak

Photo of Chembra Peak, Kerala by Siva Ilankumaran

It is no match for its rivalry – In paper it looks like so much in one place, but it is the case with all its rivalry. Places like Ooty, Coorg is very nearer to Wayanad and which are better than Wayanad. You would cover all the Wayanad places in a day maximum, and all the additional days and spots would only make you feel exasperated. The peaks, falls, number of spots in Coorg flatter Wayanad. Lake and water activities in Ooty is grandeur than Wayanad. Sport and adventure activities in Coorg is no match for Wayanad. The drive from Mysore-Ooty pip Mysore-Wayanad marginally, yet both are treat to senses. Architecture and heritage of Mysore is alien to Wayanad. The comparisons are not even with popular destinations but just surrounding rivals.

ZIp Line

Photo of Zipline, Chelode, Kerala, India by Siva Ilankumaran

Yes, reading about Wayanad in blog & checking pictures clicked from Wayanad in Instagram would prove to be tempting but it wouldn’t live up to the billings (biased maybe). By the end of the trip, you would always carry a feeling “have I missed something or was that all it had got?” There is no disrespect to Wayanad in any means but felt it is little overrated and lacks magnetic power to attract second time.

No place is drab if crazy friends join the wagon

Photo of Banasura Sagar Dam, Padinjarathara, Kerala by Siva Ilankumaran