Kerala in Monsoon

7th Jul 2016
Photo of Kerala in Monsoon 1/7 by ASHISH RAWAT
Photo of Kerala in Monsoon 2/7 by ASHISH RAWAT
Photo of Kerala in Monsoon 3/7 by ASHISH RAWAT
Photo of Kerala in Monsoon 4/7 by ASHISH RAWAT
Photo of Kerala in Monsoon 5/7 by ASHISH RAWAT
Photo of Kerala in Monsoon 6/7 by ASHISH RAWAT
Photo of Kerala in Monsoon 7/7 by ASHISH RAWAT

After my Jaipur trip , i was longing for another travel and what could be better than Kerala.

Initially , i was little apprehensive about the trip 'cause let's face it , Kerala is almost 3200 KMs from New Delhi and for an amateur solo traveler it was quite far but yet i decided to give it a try and i am very happy that i went.

One of my friend from Kerala happened to be there from Dubai. She was visiting her parent's and she only suggested me to come down south.

Note : Please book your flight(s) in advanced ( like way too advance ) as there are very few direct flights from Delhi to Cochin and there is no way you're taking train to Kerala :)

Day 1

Day 1 :

I landed in Kochi International Airport which is almost 40 KMs from the Kochi city. I was so overwhelmed being in Kerala for the first time in my life. It took me few minutes to getting soaked myself into the land whether was weather was so awesome.

I took an AC bus whose last destination was Fort Kochi. I would still advice you to use the AC bus from the airport even when it will take you through the entire Kochi City ( It takes almost 3 hours to reach Fort Kochi due to the traffic ) but it would be still better to have an 80 INR ticket rather than spending 800-900 INR in a private cab.

I reached Kochi at 5:00 pm and fort kochi around 8:00. It was already dark and i went straight to my room which i booked before coming here.

Fort Kochi has the concept of Home Stay. Traditional homes providing you rooms to stay. If you are alone then you would get a room easily for 500-600 INR.

Fort Kochi is beautiful , in fact beyond beautiful especially at night. The deserted streets , buildings with Portuguese and Dutch architecture , dim street lights which would be surprisingly calm , beautiful churches , everything would contribute a lot to your felicity. You will surely feel that your day 1 was worth it ( even when you haven't seen anything yet ). You could go out for an evening stroll or for dinner , there are lot of places to eat , Kashi Cafe being the best.

Day 2

Day 2:

Even though , i had planned to leave for Munnar the very second day but it was just 9'O clock in the morning and i still had time which allowed me to take a walk to Mahatma Gandhi Beach. It had just rained and beach was heavenly. This is the place where you can see those Chinese fishing nets.

Soon after , i took a bus for Aluva and from the KSRTC bus stand of Aluva , i caught the one for Munnar and it took me almost 5 hours to reach there.

As predicted , it was raining heavily there and non stop. i had never realized that a South Indian hill station can ever be this cold.Although it did stop in between and i got to visit Attakul falls and various beautiful tea estates.

I came back to Fort Kochi the very same day.

Day 3

Day 3:

Day 3 was more of a social gathering with my friend and her family in Thodupuzha.

Someone there advised to visit Athirapally falls on my way back to Coachin.

I took the advice and headed towards Chalkudy , a small town near those falls.

Day 4:

Day 4

Athirapally Waterfalls are one of the magnificent natural wonders. In the monsoon the amount of water present is overwhelming.

There is a ticket for 20 INR for Athirapally and Vazchal falls.

Later in the evening , i had my flight back to Delhi.