Toughest bus route in South India


Gavi is a best place to do internet free vacation. It is located inside the Periyar tiger reserve . Gavi is accesible by bus only from Pathanamthitta(100km) and Kumily(50km). Private vehicle are allowed but should take permission.gavi is the best place to deep forest trekking . There we can see elephants ,bulls , etc at handdistance . Bus travel is the best way to reacg the location bus is available from pathanamthitta( 6 am and 12pm ) and kumily (6am and 12pm) . Travel will take about 5 hrs covering a distance of 100 km through dense and decidious forest . Bus travels through one of toughest routes in India and it is an offroading location containg ghats sections and narrow road covered with leaves aside.bus travels through moozhiyar dam, kakki reserviour and anathodu dam . and reaches gavi Photo of Toughest bus route in South India 1/3 by Omar Mukhthar the above picture is kakki reserviour inside the forestPhoto of Toughest bus route in South India 2/3 by Omar Mukhthar kochupampa Photo of Toughest bus route in South India 3/3 by Omar Mukhthar view from kakki reserviour