The Enchanting Valley of Dzukou #TravelGoal

29th Jul 2018

How Green Is My Valley!!!!

Photo of The Enchanting Valley of Dzukou #TravelGoal by Siddharth Ojah

Nestled far away from the hustle and bustle of the maddening city life lies the serene and picturesque place called the Dzukou valley. The valley lies in the lap of nature and is surrounded on all sides by the wavy green hills. The bright blue sky that gets turned into a cloudy one within no time, the flight of the clouds right beside one’s face, the dancing of the tall grasses in sync with the bustling winds, the feel of the light rains splashing on the face-these and many factors play a significant role in making this valley an enchanting one. A paradise to say the least, Dzukou valley emanates an air of serenity all around.

The trip to Dzukou was a long pending one in me and my wife Swagata’s bucket list of places to visit. The plan was finally hatched, and the dates were fixed in the last week of July (2018). We were 7 persons in total, and we decided to enlist the help of a guide, who is part of the trekking group called Gibbon Eco Camp, and he had arranged a vehicle for us from Jorhat till Kohima and then drop back till Jorhat. Although the roads till Kohima, which takes around 8 hours from Jorhat, are more like dried river beds, yet the good and charming company of friends and relatives in our vehicle meant we reached our place of stay in Kohima in good spirits. We started from Jorhat at 9 AM and our guide had arranged our stay for the night in a small house called Dawn home stay. It’s located at Kigwema village, approx 15 kms from Kohima, and we reached the home stay at around 5 PM. The home stay, located in a quaint part of the village, is managed by two very friendly ladies, and we were greeted with a simmering hot cup of tea. We then went to our respective rooms and after freshening up roamed a bit around the village. It was quite dark by then and after returning to our home stay, we had a delicious dinner consisting of chicken cooked with bamboo shoot and local herbs, a tomato chutney, dal and rice.

Day 2

The next morning, we were up early, had a quick breakfast and then got all set to embark on our trip to the valley. The valley can be reached from two villages: the tougher one is through the Jakhama route and the other route through Viswema is the relatively easier one. We hired a Sumo from the home stay and after an hour’s drive (around 8 kms); we reached the starting point of the Viswema trek. We started the trek at around 9 in the morning and as it was raining, we were greeted with muddy and slippery rocky roads all along the way to the valley. Because of the incessant rain, the trek which consisted of a few steep climbs became a tad difficult. We managed to reach a resting point, around one and half hours later. We had a quick refill consisting of biscuits, chocolates and ORS and then proceeded further. Suddenly, the slippery rocky roads gave way to muddy trails and the ceaseless rain made the journey strenuous yet enjoyable. The meandering road beside the winding hills leading to the valley is surrounded by tall burnt trees and swaying grasses. We reached the rest house after another two hours of walking and then decided to go to the valley immediately. The road to the valley is a narrow one, and we got really fortunate when the cloudy sky gave way to clear blue skies and bright sunshine. It made the journey even more delightful and the photographers inside us that were lying dormant suddenly sprang into life. Words cannot suffice to describe the beauty of the valley, a visit to the place is a must to witness this pristineness. Lush green mountains embrace the valley from all sides and the surreal beauty on display is really a treat for a city soul devoid of such flawless beauty and a sight that will remain captured in my heart for always. The pureness of the valley can satiate the hunger of any traveller who yearns for such an idyllic place. We stayed in the valley for around two hours and as it was getting dark, we had to proceed back to the rest house.

View on the way to the valley

Photo of The Enchanting Valley of Dzukou #TravelGoal by Siddharth Ojah

A small stream amidst the mountains

Photo of The Enchanting Valley of Dzukou #TravelGoal by Siddharth Ojah

The valley

Photo of The Enchanting Valley of Dzukou #TravelGoal by Siddharth Ojah

The rest house overlooking the valley consists of two dormitories, a kitchen and two private small houses consisting of wooden beds and a toilet in each house. There’s also provision of getting sleeping bags at a nominal cost. Our guide also managed to arrange a bonfire for us and it was a real boon for our tiring and drenched bodies. And as luck would have it, we met another group there and we had a lovely time humming to the songs of Zubeen Garg and Angaraag 'Papon' Mahanta. With the night getting cold and our bodies fatigued by the somewhat arduous journey, we decided to call it a day and after gobbling down the warm dinner to our heart’s content, we collapsed on the wooden bed planks.

Day 3

The next morning, we had a breakfast consisting of maggi and boiled eggs and with heavy hearts, started our way back from the valley. We reached our home stay in the afternoon and immediately proceeded to devour the sumptuous lunch our hosts had prepared for all of us. After some rest, we started our way back to Jorhat.

The beautiful Dzukou valley offers off-the-beaten-path destination and one-of-a-kind experience, and the alluring views of the virgin landscape and the lush green valley will stay with me till forever. And now, on a windy Sunday evening, as I sit in my room all alone, the thoughts of the valley guide me into quiet, reflective moments that one rarely gets in this busy world. And these thoughts, as I gorge myself on hot fries and a cup of warm coffee, are really a treasure to behold.