Biswa Bangla Gate - Kolkata first hanging restaurant

Photo of Biswa Bangla Gate - Kolkata first hanging restaurant by Juhi Saxena

Kolkata first hanging restaurant

Kolkata the cultural capital of India is a heaven for foodies. Kolkata offers a huge variety of authentic Bangla cuisine for food lovers. This is the first time Kolkata is a welcoming hanging restaurant. Yes rightly mentioned the first hanging restaurant in Kolkata is opened. The name of the first hanging restaurant in Kolkata is Biswa Bangla Gate. Hanging restaurant is a common concept across the world, especially in Asia. So India is also indicating that we are also opting for the latest trends of hospitality. The innovative hospitality is becoming popular in India too. A few months back Bengaluru has welcomed its sky dining and now Kolkata. Biswa Bangla Gate Kolkata First Hanging Restaurant project is part of the New Town development project of the West Bengal Government. Guests can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city.

Location Of Biswa Bangla Gate

Kolkata has inaugurated its first hanging restaurant in New Town at Kolkata Gate. Kolkata gate is situated near Narkel Bagan crossing at Newtown, Rajarhat, West Bengal in India. Biswa Bangla gate is being constructed on the way of the airport, New Town, Rajarhat. The alternative guide of this gate is the Kolkata gate is opposite to the Rabindra Tirtha and 15 minutes from ECO Park. It will take half an hour to 45 minutes. Buses are too available anywhere in Kolkata and outside to reach Biswa Bangla Gate.Read More