If You're in Kolkata, Don't Miss Eating The World's Largest Kathi Roll!

Photo of If You're in Kolkata, Don't Miss Eating The World's Largest Kathi Roll! by Riyanka Roy

If you're a foodie who loves exploring the streets of Kolkata, then you must have tried the famous kathi rolls that are sold on every corner of the city.

But have you ever imagined sinking your teeth into the biggest chicken egg roll in the world?

The jumbo roll at Chef Alladin is a massive feast for the eyes and the stomach. It measures around 23 to 26 inches in length and is made with four lachha paratha balls.

But the real magic is in the stuffing - a mouthwatering combination of juicy chicken seekh kebab, mutton kebab, paneer tikka, soybean chunks, chicken shami kebab, and mutton shami kebab, all mixed together with a spicy veggie mixture containing carrots, cabbage, green peas, coriander, and more!

Check out this video:

Before folding the roll, the chef generously top the mixture with a variety of delicious sauces, mayonnaise, and grated cheese, giving it an irresistible flavor that's sure to satisfy your cravings. But make sure you come with a big appetite, as this jumbo roll is not for the faint of heart.

Price: At ₹349, it's a steal considering its massive size and taste.

So, the next time you find yourself in Kolkata, make sure to visit Chef Alladin's food stand and try the world's biggest chicken egg roll. It's a true culinary experience that you won't forget anytime soon!

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