17 Best Restaurants In Kolkata For Every Food Lover

Photo of 17 Best Restaurants In Kolkata For Every Food Lover by Sakshi Nahar Dhariwal

Kolkata people love their food and especially their fish. What was once a fishing village, is now a city bustling with activity. With development came a flurry of eateries that have won the people over with the delicious food they served.

From Kolkata Kathi Rolls and puchkas to Jhal Muri and Sandesh - Kolkata is symbolic of sweets and street food. But Kolkata also holds the culture of old-school dining, iconic Chinese restaurants, colonial cafes, cello kebabs, and bakeries. Here is a list of restaurants that you absolutely have to visit when you are in Kolkata!

Here are some of the best restaurants in Kolkata for every mood and celebration

1. Nizam's Kathi Roll

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Photo of 17 Best Restaurants In Kolkata For Every Food Lover by Sakshi Nahar Dhariwal

Nizam’s base restaurant is in the iconic New Market and opens around 7 am in the morning serving crispy dal puris and halwa and an assortment of breakfast items. People from the city and nearby districts throng the place to get a taste of their rolls – chicken, mutton, potato and paneer. If customer reviews are to be believed, Nizam’s rustles up the best Kathi rolls in all of the city. Apart from that one can try their biryani and an array of Mughlai dishes. The place is very simple which is in stark contrast to - its rich food. Dining at this restaurant during the festive season is near to impossible as people wait in long queues to get a bite. So place your order and take it home. Rs 400/- is enough to get you a good amount of dishes here.

Where: New Market Area

Cost for two: Rs. 450

2. Peter Cat


Photo of Peter Cat, Kolkata by Sakshi Nahar Dhariwal

Not far away on Park Street is Peter Cat, a restaurant famous for its sizzlers and yes, Chelo kebab. Hard to miss, this posh restaurant is another place in business since the British rule. The menu here comprises of Indian, Mughlai and continental dishes. Piping hot sizzlers fly out of the kitchen with a hissing sound that never fails to turn heads. The Chelo kebab is a dish of buttery rich with a poached egg and a range of different kebabs. This air-conditioned restaurant serves alcohol and is perfect for an evening meal.

Where: Park Street Area

Cost for two: Rs. 1000

3. Nahoum And Sons


Photo of Nahoum and Sons Private Limited Confectioners, Kolkata by Sakshi Nahar Dhariwal

Another most popular bakery, Nahoum and Sons is your go-to place for some fruit and rum cakes to carry back home. Freshly baked loaves of bread and cakes in abundance, their rum cake is a must, must have.

Where? Hogg Market, New Market Area

Cost for two: Rs. 200

4. Kusum Rolls


Photo of Kusum Roll's, Kolkata by Sakshi Nahar Dhariwal

Having Kathi Roll from its city of origin is a must. The Kolkata Kathi roll was best spotted at Kusum Rolls. I tried the basic chicken tikka, but they have crazy combinations with cheese and chowmein as well. The parantha is so crisp, unlike anything in Delhi, but slightly salty. Use lemon juice to balance that out.

Where: Diamond Harbour Road, Behala Chowrasta

Cost for two: Rs. 100

5. The Bar-B-Q

The first choice for Chinese food, BarBQ is spread over a huge area and still fails to contain the avid diners it sees during dinner time. They have a special range of dumplings and some hearty Chinese preps. The fish is obviously the star of the show, and their dumplings are as good as they can get. The staff is very cordial and they are happy to customize the dishes as per your taste. Again, visit them preferably for an early dinner to secure a table.

Where: Park Center Garmin, Park Street

Cost for two: Rs. 1200

6. Mocambo Restaurant & Bar

This place transports you right back, a beautiful white and red space, with lantern lamps, and huge windows overlooking the street. Their deviled crabs are one of their best sellers and for good reason. Their sizzlers are very popular as well making these two must-haves - be game for a cheesy time.

Where: Mirza Ghalib Street, Taltala

Cost for two: Rs. 800

7. Flury's

If chocolates and pastries are on your mind, trip along to Flurys. Indeed, Kolkata has a number of restaurants that can well make it into history books and this confectionery would top that list. It does top my list of being one of the best restaurants in Kolkata. From pastries to club sandwiches and breakfast platters, this place is regal. Try that chocolate éclair or mushroom quiche or if a hearty meal is what you want, try their platters that come with sausages, eggs, hash browns, bacon, with sandwiches.

Where: Park Street Area

Cost for two: Rs 300

8. Koshe Kosha

Besides luchi and choler dal mornings at The Grand the real tryst with Bengali food in Kolkata is limited to this one meal at Koshe Kosha. The Gondhoraj, the juiciest Bengali lemon makes for a magnificent and refreshing curry. The chicken Kobiraji cutlet is a British inspired cutlet with an elaborate egg nest.

Where: Park Street Area, Park Street, and 7 more locations

Cost for two: Rs. 750

9. Codfather

Photo of Codfather, Kolkata by Sakshi Nahar Dhariwal

The appetizing menu at Codfather can leave you hooked at the variety they offer. Apart from the enticing chicken and prawn, the crisp fish and the tempting burgers are waiting to gratify your senses. This is also one of the many hidden restaurants in Kolkata.

Where: P 137, Lake Terrace, Desapriya Park, Kolkata

Cost for two: Rs. 1400

10. Mitra Cafe


Photo of Mitra Cafe, Kolkata by Sakshi Nahar Dhariwal

Brain Chop, Mutton Kabiraji, Fish Fry, Pudding, Chicken Roast Special and the list of specialties just doesn't end. This authentic Bengali restaurant with the best chops in town is probably a paradise for snacks lovers.

Where: Jajtindra Avenue, Shobha Bazaar

Cost for two: Rs. 500

11. Baapi Dar Momo

Some say Bapi Da can give Colonel Sanders, a run for money and it may be true. This small street food joint with the city's best chicken strips and friend momo is indeed a hidden gem.

Where: ED Block, Sector 2, Salt Lake City

12. Tibetan Delight Rabindra Sadan

Follow the narrow lane beside Chai Break in Elgin road and you would know why it's a secret. Whet your craving for mouthwatering Tibetan delights including variety of soups, chicken drumsticks, momos and chili roast pork.

Where: 66 Chowringhee Road

Cost for two: Rs. 500

13. Denzong Kitchen

This small cabin is the spot for one of the best momo restaurants in Kolkata and no wonder is a popular student's favourite. You can also visit the tiny eatery for incredible Chicken Sichuan Noodles, Chili Chicken and yes, for the unbelievable price.

Where: 9A Bikrambagh, Tollygunge

Cost for two: Rs. 500

14. Momo I am


Photo of momo i am / yak brewing co, Kolkata by Sakshi Nahar Dhariwal

Best known for its finger food, pan Asian cuisine, Chinese, Tibetan, Sichuan and Momo's as the name goes, this place has a homely vibe where the chef knows exactly what he's doing. This place can never fail you. They have excellent finger food menu and food service. Their popular dishes are the sushi platter, pork bao, jasmine rice and they even host live performances.

Where: Salt Lake and three other locations

Cost for two: Rs. 600

15. Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick

With over 10 different locations, this is by far the most loved, and the most famous restaurant and sweet shop in Kolkata. Their most popular dishes are bhapa doi, samosa kachori, malai doi, rasgulla and more. It is known for its quick service, spacious, well seated area and delicious authentic Kolkata sweets.

Where: Bhawanipore and nine more.

Cost for two: Rs. 300

16. Pa Pa Ya


Photo of PaPaYa Modern Asian Bistro, Kolkata by Sakshi Nahar Dhariwal

Pa Pa Ya is a pan Asian restaurant widely popular for its exquisite range of fancy Chinese, Thai and Japanese food. Their sushi's are absolutely delightful too. It is a magnificent restaurant, sophisticated, plays live music occasionally and has an amazing view.

Where: Park Street Area

Cost for two: Rs. 2500

17. Cloud Social

This is a relatively new rooftop restaurant in Kolkata. It has the most stunning decor, with private transparent domes in which you can sit and enjoy a wonderful evening with your loved ones. It is also one of the most popular spots for a perfect romantic date night. It is best known for tandoori platters, pasta and a wide range of soups.

Where: Gariahat, Ballygunge

Cost for two: Rs. 1500

Tell us your favorite restaurants in Kolkata. Give us your suggestions in the comments section below. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best Chinese eateries in Kolkata check the 10 best listed here.

We're waiting the food love to unfold!

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