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Arsalan Biryani

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Biryani, a favorite delicacy of all age group and people from all walks of life.

Today’s blog is dedicated to all the Biryani lovers across Kolkata and outside. I will be sharing a valuable insight of all the popular restaurants across Kolkata where you will be finding aromatic Biryani whenever you visit them. Make sure you can a list of them, whenever you are out for shopping or pandal hopping during the pujas.

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1. Arsalan, Park Circus Area

The first stop on your search list for the best Biryani in Kolkata has to be Arsalan. It started off as a small joint on Park Circus but has now set up 8 branches across the city. Arsalan’s Biryanis have a distinctive Mughlai twist that you can smell from a distance.

Menus include: Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Kosha, Chicken Boti Kebab, Firni, Haleem

It is perfect for Home Delivery, Family Dining and Takeaway

CONNECT: +91 9007007921, +91 8697215347

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2. Nizam’s, New Market Area

Nestled in the middle of one of Asia’s oldest markets, the New Market, formerly known as the Hogg market, is one of the market, the old town of Kolkata, ever had. Nizam’s has its own waft of spices, that will even draw your attention. Having made a reputation for where Kathi rolls were invented, Nizam’s Biryanis are best enjoyed with a side of kebabs.

Menus includes: Beef Biryani, Kathi Rolls, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Kebabs, Haleem

It is perfect for Quick Bites, Home Delivery, Takeaway

CONNECT:- +91 7044723222

3. Aminia, Chinar Park

When you head to Aminia for Biryani, you are treat yourself to a side of rezala, which is a delicious curry of coconut, yoghurt, cream and cashew nut paste. Once you have had the Biryani with rezala, you will never eat Biryani without this accompaniment again. Aminia’s Biryanis are also light on the pocket.

Menus includes: Home Delivery, Office Lunches

It is perfect for Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Rezala, Mutton Rezala

CONNECT:- +91 8335036781, +91 8335036782

4. Zeeshan, Park Circus Area

Zeeshan is where you head, when you are craving a plate of super spicy Biryani. Accompanied by the city’s best reshmi kebabs, your plate of exotic Biryani will taste doubly good and slightly greasier than the average Biryani.

Menus includes: Mutton Biryani, Reshmi Kebab, Chicken Biryani, Haleem

It is perfect for Office Lunch, Home Delivery

CONNECT:- 033 22806842, +91 9903611112

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5. Shiraz Golden Restaurant, Park Street Area

Shiraz started as a small eatery in Mullick Bazaar and has now set up over 6 stores and still adding more all over the city. Strategically located, the Park Street branch is the most crowded one.

Menus includes: Chicken Biryani, Chicken Chaap, Haleem

It is perfect for Home Delivery, Family Dining

CONNECT:- +91 8585007649, +91 8420009922

6. Oudh 1590, Deshapriya Park

Probably the newest addition to the Biryani bandwagon, Oudh 1590 has quickly made a name for itself. With the ambience to go with the Awadhi theme of the restaurant, the menu is extensive and the experience is a trip back in time.

Menus includes: Raan Biryani, Galouti Kebab, Murgh Rezala

It is perfect for Family Dining, Date Night

CONNECT:- +91 7604035764, +91 7604035765

7. Royal Indian Restaurant, Bara Bazar

Royal is your go to destination for a taste of the Lucknowi Biryani in Kolkata. True to its original recipe, their Biryani is spicier than the average Kolkata Biryani.

Menus includes: Chicken Biryani, Firni

It is perfect for Home Delivery, Family Outings

CONNECT:- +91 9903369147, 033 22681073

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8. Zam Zam, Park Circus Area

Zam Zam is located in Park Circus and Kidderpore, Zam Zam can be hard to locate. Setting the Biryani joint apart, Zam Zam prepares a yoghurt-based drink, burhaani, which is served with it as a palate cleanser and digestive aid.

Menus includes: Beef Biryani, Beef Bhuna, Mutton Kashmeera, Chicken Biryani

It is perfect for Home Delivery, Takeaway

CONNECT:- 033 22846550, +91 9831106252

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9. Dada Boudir Hotel, Barrackpore

When loosely translated into English, the name amusingly means big brother and sister-in-law’s hotel. Quite literally looking like a family run, small eatery, Dada Boudir serves Biryani that is popular not only with the people of its locality but with those that travel across the city for a plateful.

Menus includes: Chicken Biryani, Chicken Chaap, Liver Fry

It is perfect for Home Delivery

CONNECT:- +91 9831318010, +91 9433195117

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10. Manzilat’s, Ruby Hospital Area

The descendant of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah’s family, Manzilat makes Biryanis only on order. The unmatched flavour reflects the secrets of the Nizam’s family and more than makes up for the lack of retail space since you can only have Manzilat’s food delivered to you. Made with pure ghee and not Dalda, the Biryanis here pack a flavour punch and go beautifully with the rezala.

Menus includes: Mutton Biryani, Chicken Boti Kebab, Beef Boti Kebab, Rezala, Pasinda Kebab

It is perfect for Home Delivery

CONNECT:- +91 9432913204, 033 24436648

11. India Restaurant, Kidderpore

Mildly spiced and heavily fragrant, India Restaurant’s Biryani will send you on a sensory trip. With meat and potato chunks cooked to perfection, the Mutton and Chicken Biryanis are what you need to order, accompanied by a side of Haleem and Shahi Tukda. Finish it off with their Firni and you are all set to enter the beautiful world of food coma.

Menus includes: Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Haleem, Shahi Tukda, Firni

It is perfect for Home Delivery, Family Dining, Outings

CONNECT:- +91 8481848484, +91 8420533005

12. Haan ‘D’ Biryani, Wellesley

This is a delivery only service on Ripon Street is the answer to your semi healthy Biryani prayers. Light, fragrant and non-greasy, Haan D’s will leave you with a much shorter guilt trip. The Biryani arrives in a sealed microwavable packaging with nutritional information and a list of ingredients.

Menus includes: Shaami Kebab, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Shahi Dum Biryani

It is perfect for Home Delivery

CONNECT:- +91 9874791313, +91 9836003386

13. Haji Saheb, Park Circus Area

This Biryani centre has a fan base of its own. Serving Mughlai, North Indian and even Chinese dishes, the Biryani is much popular and talked about. With affordable pricing and ample quantities, Haji Saheb serves up delicious Biryanis with varying choices such as Cheese Naan, Chicken Tikka Lababdar and Fish Tikka Kebab.

Menus includes: Cheese Naan, Chicken Tikka Lababdar, Fish Tikka Kebab

It is perfect for Home Delivery, Family Outings

CONNECT:- +91 9038888786

14. Rahmania, Park Street Area

Rahamania is one of the oldest Biryani joints in Kolkata; Rahmania is known for its mutton delicacies and kebabs. We recommend you try the Mutton Biryani with Haleem, Mutton Rezala and Firni to understand why it’s considered a pioneer of Mughlai food.

Menus includes: Mutton Biryani, Haleem, Mutton Rezala, Firni

It is perfect for Take Away, Home Delivery

CONNECT:- +91 8443084431

15. Dhaka Biryani House, Shyam Bazar

Located on Prince Anwar Shah Road, this small eatery has a stall-like appearance. They have few options on the menu that comprises dishes made with chicken and mutton, and serves Kolkata’s famous Ilish Biryani as well. Greasier than the usual Biryani, Dhaka Biryani is reminiscent of the Biryanis one, would find in the city of Dhaka.

Menus includes: Chicken Biryani, Ilish Biryani

It is perfect for Home Delivery, Take Away

CONNECT:- +91 9903968616

16. Jabbrr Afghani, Salt Lake

Jabbrr Afghani, Salt Lake is famous for its rolls and wraps, but at the same time, one would be pleasantly surprised to try their Biryani. The Chicken Biryani comes with a generous piece of chicken and the Mutton Biryani has the softest pieces of mutton in it.

Menus includes: Jabbrr Chicken Biryani

It is perfect for Takeaway

17. Kareem’s, Park Street Area

Lucknow’s reputation for serving delicious Biryani is experimented in this Kolkata eatery.

Menus includes: Rogan Josh, Chicken Dum Biryani, Mutton Biryani

It is perfect for Home Delivery

CONNECT:- +91 9830123323, +91 9830123182

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