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4th Dec 2022
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Best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur - from Nasi Lemak to Malaysian satay, the capital city of Malaysia is full of not just street favourites and night markets. But also boasts of some amazing restaurants. They have just had the Michelin Guide come in this year. They have some of the Best bars, the speakeasy scene is thriving and there are so many on the 50 best discovery list as well. And then there are Malaysian classics! From some of the most amazing cafes to rooftop bars.

Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

The options are plenty, from restaurants in Bukit Bintang to Chinatown to more upscale cafes. I mostly prefer to get the best out of street food, especially when in a new country. And South East Asia is just always sprawling with mind-boggling options. Kuala Lumpur is also home to some of the most amazing night food markets, that go as late as 3 AM. Check out all the amazing street foods you need to get your hands on here.

The curry houses are a common occurrence here, much like Indian dhabas - and the food is pretty kickass. Apart from getting all the traditional Malaysian classics, you can also find dosas and idli here for breakfast. They also have a buffet spread, where you buy the plate and you can add as many curries as you would like. So worth the buck and in case you are feeling homesick, the dhal will be quite comforting.

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Not exactly a restaurant, but Chinese Stemboats or Lok Lok can be found all over the city. And they make for a perfect late-night meal. We stopped by at Fat Brothers just because we were very intrigued. The concept is simple, each meat or veggie is propped up on a stick, and the sticks are colour coded. The price is decided as per the colour of the stick you have chosen. You can choose to get them steamed or deep-fried. We had some deep-fried crab sticks, crab balls, enoki wrapped bacon, and pepperoni. And it was all too tasty after a night of drinking and FIFA!

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Must have : Crab sticks and crab balls

Din Tai Fung

Day 3

How do you go to a place that has a Din Tai Fung, and not visit it! Well, you obviously don't. This legendary Taiwanese eatery has been the originating home of the famous xiao long bao. And there are many outlets you can choose from in Kuala Lumpur, including one at KLCC. Explore through their menu, and don't miss out on the dumplings and fried rice.

Must have: X'iao long bao pork

Day 2


One of the nicest and most sought after cafes in Bukit Bintang, VCR has a cute little front yard, a co-working space on the first floor, and an open-air lobby. The breakfast spread is amazing, we tried the Turkish eggs, and avo toasts and loved them both. They also have a range of fresh bakes, and impeccable coffee. But you must try the vegan espresso ice cream French Toast on a brioche. It was simply divine!

Find them here.

Must have: Coffee, breakfast especially the French toast

Day 1

Papa kunafa

Lebanese and Turkish fare is big in Kuala Lumpur. And you will find a lot of baklava shops, but Papa Kunafa, has the absolute best, fresh and crunch goodies. The Kunafeh is a must have, crunchy, stringy kaitafi sheets wrapped over fresh mozzarella. Heavenly.

Must have: Pistachio baklava & Kunafeh

Day 4

Lokl coffee

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, including 2 Starbucks Reserves and local shops, but LOKL is among the most famous. Located in the heart of Chinatown, hit them for a mid-day snack or breakfast while you are shopping for souvenirs and bags in Chinatown. It's airy, green and buzzing!

Bunn Choon

This peppy yellow and bright blue restaurant is more than just an Instagrammable spot. This traditional Chinese restaurant serves egg tarts that garner tourists from far and close. From egg tarts, to puffs and tea time snacks, you can grab some snacks here or sit down for a meal with some traditional Chinese Tea.

Day 1

The Swimming Club

Kuala Lumpur is no New York that is buzzing with rooftop bars for the best views. But there are a fair few in both Bukit Bintang and KLCC. Since we were staying at the Kuala Lumpur Journal, the rooftop restaurant and pool was perfect for cocktails and a dip. If you aren't a guest of the hotel, you can buy a pool and drinks package.

Day 6

Penang Chendul

Penang Chendul is a chain of restaurants from Penang serving the famous Penang curry, Chendul, Cheung Fung, and more. They also have express food trucks, with neat and alluring typography, the menu is kind of limited but the food is amazing. We spotted this cart in Chinatown, and indulged in some traditional Malay food for a quick lunch.

Day 4

Malaya Garden

Chinatown is full of restaurants and is always buzzing. And there are plenty of restaurants in the area, Baos, Steakhouses, traditional breakfast spots. But Malaya Garden stood out for their modern take on Malay classics and a chic setting. We hogged on the sweet and sour chicken rice, salted egg chicken indomee and Nasi lemak.

Mee Tarik Restoran

Located in Petaling Street, Chinatown, and open until the wee hours, Mee Tarik serves ramen, dumplings, gyozas, pho and more. You can choose to sit outdoors or inside, we preferred the street side. The food comes highly recommended as it is among the Muslim friendly restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and the food is packed with flavours. The chilli oil is so on point. Their hand pulled noodles are must haves!

Madam tang muah chee queen

Muah chee is a local dessert made of steamed glutinous rice dough shaped into balls and coated in generous amounts of peanuts, sugar, and sesame seeds. As you enter Petaling street you can hear "Yat lao yat lao, wat luet luet", which translates to "top quality, silky smooth muah chee " in Cantonese. Madam has been selling here for more than 50 years and is pretty easy to spot. Opt for the classic muah chee to chomp while you shop.