Road Trip in Malaysia

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Planning a road trip in Malaysia is not a great idea, is what my Singaporean friends told me when I was thinking of doing so! But I was in another mood and so decided to move on with my thoughts and to drive all the way round across Malaysia.

To my surprise driving in West Malaysia, a region between Singapore and Thailand was not just simple, but completely safe. Cheap gas and well-constructed expressways are complemented with clearly marked road signs, and all this contributes to an amazing driving experience.

Road Trip In Malaysia

Splendid Melaka In Malaysia

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Melaka was my first stop during my Malaysia road trip. Also spelled as Malacca, this small-sized region was colonized by Dutch, British and Portuguese. I covered almost 237kms to reach Melaka from Singapore and stopped in the colonial heart of this city located in the eastern region of the Melaka River, known as Sungai Melaka. The St. Pauls’ Church and ruins of the ancient Portuguese fort, Porta de Santiago were both mesmerizing. While the city town square exhibits the glory of Dutch era, I enjoyed tempting delicacies of the Nyonya cuisine.

Culture-Rich Kuala Lumpur

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After a relaxing time, I moved towards my next accentuated destination on the list of a road trip in Malaysia. A drive of almost 148kms took me to the astonishing Kuala Lumpur. Truly a pulsing metropolis alarmed by multi-lane motorways and nested with one-way driving systems, this place is a home to exceptionally awesome sights. The Kuala Lumpur City Center, KLCC is full of shopping malls, towers and adjoining rainforest at Bukit Nanas.

Moving towards the south of the city took me to Bukit Bintang, where I enjoyed a spectacular time ambling around restaurants, cafes, malls and finest hotels in the city. Besides showcasing the multi-culture of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a home to Little India, Chinatown and the exquisite Moorish architecture around Merdeka Square and Masjid Jamek.

Picturesque Cameron Highlands

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Within a few hours and after driving almost 200kms, I landed to another picturesque destination in Malaysia – Cameron Highlands. It is one of the most splendid Malaysia road trip destinations that I always wished to visit. This mountainous region is refreshingly pleasing and blessed with curvy and adventurous roads, sunny days and slightly chilly nights. A popular weekend getaway among the locals, driving through the single lane roads was really fun for me. While hiking is one of my favorite adventure activities, I enjoyed a great time. The strawberries at the Brinchang farms were truly delicious. The undulating scenery, tea plantations and marvelous views of the valley are truly magnetism.

Architectural Island – Penang

Photo of Road Trip in Malaysia 5/5 by Pankti Shah

I decided to drive the next morning, and an early drive of around 150kms took me to Penang, another fantastic destination in Malaysia. This was the last destination for my road trip in Malaysia as my holidays were soon going to end. The dishes cooked by hawkers were outrageously delicious, like chives, shrimp, and rice noodles and char koay teow. Though it is an island, but I had a great time on the beaches. City of George Town, shops on the street levels and magnificent architectural heritage of the region are all treated to the eyes.

I had limited time, but if you are planning Malaysia road trip, then try visiting other spectacular sights like Seremban, George Town and Johor Bahru.

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