Lavasa: A Weekend Getaway

11th Nov 2014
Photo of Lavasa: A Weekend Getaway 1/5 by Smaranika Das
Photo of Lavasa: A Weekend Getaway 2/5 by Smaranika Das
Photo of Lavasa: A Weekend Getaway 3/5 by Smaranika Das
Photo of Lavasa: A Weekend Getaway 4/5 by Smaranika Das
Photo of Lavasa: A Weekend Getaway 5/5 by Smaranika Das

Lavasa, one of the most popular weekend getaways in Pune nettles in the Western Ghats. The striking destination is well known from the verdant greenery, serene environment and beautiful landscapes. The city is well planned and people visit this place for some breath taking adventurous activities. Some of the major attractions include, water sports, bike riding, hiking, mountain climbing and trekking.

Driving to Lavasa from Pune take almost 1.5 hours via Pune –Bangalore Highway. The roads are scenic and excellent. Small farmlands and wild flowers captivated us as we crossed the winding roads that leads to the hills. Wispy and misty clouds surrounded us and we were enthralled at the splendid hilly panorama stretching till the horizon.

On the way to Lavasa, we took our first stop at the Temghar dam, a huge structure on the Mutha River. There are multiple catchments and damns which supplies water collected during monsoon. It was pleasure driving through the Ghats and clouds. We travelled the whole city and hill top view, overlooking the lake and cityscape is just amazing. There are a quite good places to relish and savour food. “Vyanjan”, serves North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Italian good lunch buffet.  The Amritsar fish tikkas and Mutton curry is simply awesome. The deserts were brilliant and scrumptious.

The International Convention Hall has a lot for the tourist. You will certainly enjoy the old, classic and vintage cars displayed on the street. People generally click photos to remember them for a long time. With pre planning, you can enjoy water sports like boat rides. Rocking climbing and other stuff.  Still the city is under construction. Waterfront building and design villas are coming up to resemble Italian Riviera.