A must visit place in Ludhiana

7th Nov 2019
Day 1

I went to Ludhiana, Punjab for the first time few weeks back and I was there to explore different cafe,brews,and pubs. Someone from Ludhiana recommended me to visit a brewery called "The Brew Estate". My co- travelers had already been to Ludhiana before so they had the notion of  the places that are a must visit when you are in Ludhiana. So, I went to this brewery and I was so satisfied to be there. The brewery offers 8 flavours of craft beers that made me go crazy. The food that they serve is amazing. I ordered a chicken pizza and pink sauce pasta. The food made me realize that it is not just the best brewery of the city but also a nice place to be visited for food. Being a traveler my purpose to visit places is to explore the place to the best of my capacity and squeeze the best out of the city and that's what I did. I went to this place and totally loved it and next time whenever I visit Ludhiana I will make sure to visit "The Brew Estate" again. I would recommend people living in Ludhiana or planning to visit this city to explore this brew-pub for once at least. Sharing some pictures of the place

Photo of Ludhiana, Punjab, India by Ayushi agrawal
Photo of Ludhiana, Punjab, India by Ayushi agrawal