Easy trek of Adventure: PEB

11th Jul 2018

Treks!! It's always been the answer to my questions. The best time to trek is monsoon. To enjoy the nature trail in monsoon always choose an easy one. PEB fort or Vikatgad is one of the easiest trek in outskirts of Mumbai. Located near Matheran, its base village Fanaswadi is 5kms away from Neral. It was raining heavily that day in Mumbai. We got down at Neral railway station. Being a Mumbaikar, we cld not resist taking Chaska of hot tea and Vadapav. Never miss out this combination when you are in Mumbai and it's raining heavily. We took a walk till fanaswadi in heavy rains, enjoying it to the core. We started ascending from Fanaswadi and took the route less trekked by. It has always been my kinda weather while trekking. Rains, mountains, clouds and greenery. We reached to another point while trekking and felt lost at 2000 ft when we cld not find a way. It was densely clouded up there and visibility was poor to see the way. When on trek, Stay Calm. It worked. Slowly after sometime clouds cleared and we cld find our way to Summit point. It took 2 hrs to reach the point.

We never know what's coming our way when we trek in monsoon. We took the Matheran exit route. This route is bit tricky as everyone thinks we are descending, only to discover that Matheran is a hill station and we never ascend on this route. Heavy rains, Dense clouds, and bone chilling winds made this easy trek look more difficult and adventurous. Another 2 hrs in this heavy rains and we cld finally reach the exit point. This trek taught us never to lose hope when there are storms in your life. Some storms come to clear our way ahead, just trust the process and be calm. Everything settles when its time. Lesson learned on this trek taught me to let adrenaline take over sometimes.

PEB fort.. A trek that offered more of adventure is an unforgettable one. Worth visiting for.

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Photo of Peb Trek, Maldunge, Maharashtra, India by traveller monk