Experience of a lifetime.

10th Nov 2019
Day 1

July 21st ,2019.
Once I was wondering if I could have been dead what would have happened to my parents and my sister.
I'm a riding enthusiast and from a Gujarati family that means rules and regulations regarding long trips and bike rides and I've met with an accident before as well . So there are strict rules but being a naughty one in the family I never cared about any rules and regulations and went for rides saying that I had a shoot ,etc.
On July 21st we set off for AMTM ,Kolad , for tree plantation ceremony with a cavalry of 52 Riders. We reached we waited for some other groups who were joining us and then started the ceremony. During Lunch time my parents called me saying that you need to be home ASAP without any reason I was a bit scared that they got to know about the lie. So I along with one Rider set off from Kolad for Mumbai early as other riders were enjoying themselves in the waterfall. While returning neither of us knew the road so we asked and were cruising through the roads in 90's & 100's . Just before entering Pali village in Maharashtra the road was a bit steep from both the sides . We were unaware of that and I was following my rider friend so while he overtaking a car he suddenly slowed down and came back in lane . I was unaware of the car coming from the other side of the road. As soon as I went in other lane for overtaking a car , there's a white colour Swift Desire right there in front of me , the car was approximately running around 60-80kmph and I on the other hand was cruising in 80's . There was only 1 option with me hitting the car head to head. That moment I knew I was going to die because I was rushing back home and that anger of not letting me go to rides was going to kill me. Somehow I tried to get in extremely opposite lane were there were bushes but because of the speed my left part of the handle, my left leg and left part of my bike i.e. the foot peg and the Sari Gaurd came in contact with the car and I flew off the bike landed on the road safely. After that I was so shocked that how will I reach home in time and my bike what should I tell my parents. On the other hand the person who owned the car scared me and told me that pay the compensation or else I'll file a police complaint. He the person called his friendly cop and tried to blackmail me that filing a complaint will end your life and in such situation I was really f*cked from all sides. No signal on my phone. Compensation amount came to 36000 which had to be paid. I wasn't knowing about the third party insurance back then.
Paid the amount and left from Pali at 10 p.m. I was literally in pain and couldn't sit anywhere.
While returning it started raining like its a thunderstorm and literally it was pouring so heavily that we couldn't see the bike after a 10-15 feet of distance. The rain didn't stop till Khopoli and I was literally going to fall 5-6 times because I was really tired and sleep. There were 5 really very experienced and expert people who dropped me at my place while my bike was kept at a mechanic's place in Pali.
That journey from AMTM to Mumbai had me all.
This is my #NearDeathExperience

Photo of Experience of a lifetime. by Jainam Sheth
Photo of Experience of a lifetime. by Jainam Sheth
Photo of Experience of a lifetime. by Jainam Sheth