Khujista Bunyad by Chroniclers of Aurangzeb's reign: AURANGABAD!!

16th Nov 2017
Day 1

Misfortune befell the city with the conquest of the Deccan by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1687. The headquarters of the Deccan then shifted to Aurangabad under the Mughal rule. In 1763, the Nizam shifted the headquarters to Hyderabad and again the city flourished.

Photo of Pune, Maharashtra, India by Glory Jena

Aurangabad is well- connected by road to all the important cities in the state. You can to rent a taxi to Aurangabad from Pune. However, you can also ride state- owned bus or a private tourist bus, as well. I travelled by my own car. Fueled up for 2K and i was on a roll.


The Ellora Caves

Built between the 5th and 10th century, the Ellora Caves are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Located at a distance of 30 km from Aurangabad, these caves are dedicated to Hinduism, Jainism as well as Buddhism. A total of 43 caves, out of these 12 are Buddhist caves, 17 are Hindu caves and 5 are Jain caves. These caves are known for their beautiful carvings.

They have 24 caves distributed between Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Almost 2 hrs to spend here.

Then you can catch a bus to Ram mandir and dive in the ghats.

Entry: Indians: INR 30/person

Foreigners: INR 500/person

Baradari Iwaz Khan Aqueduct

Baradari Iwaz Khan Aqueduct, in ruins today, is a major tourist attraction and a place of interest of romantic couples. The ruined walls of the structure are a proof of the attack by the Maratha rulers. Baradari Iwaz Khan Aqueduct is a beautiful piece of architecture, attracting tourists from everywhere.

Entry: Indians: INR 15/person

Bibi ka Maqbara

Bibi ka Maqbara was constructed in 1679 AD by the son of Aurangzeb, in the memory of Rabia, his mother. The design of this construction, designed by Ata Ullah was inspired from the Taj Mahal. This sandstone memorial has a marble dome and has plastered walls. The enclosure of the memorial is octagonal in shape.

Entry: INR 15/person

Day 2

Ellora Caves: One of the caves with Lord Buddha's Shrine

Photo of Ellora Cave Road, Verul, Maharashtra, India by Glory Jena

Bibi Ka Maqbara: Minin Taj Mahal

Photo of Bibi ka Maqbara Road, Jaibhim Nagar, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India by Glory Jena

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We booked an OYO at the last minute.

Quite feasible with AC Rooms & Breakfast complimentary.

Restaurants to visit: Yalla Yalla for their mutton Biryani.

Any place you go in Aurangabad will serve you a scrumptious mutton dish.


Named after Aurangzeb, the Mughal Emperor, the Aurangabad city is known for its rich heritage. A well-known tourist destination in the state of Maharashtra, it is dotted with a number of tourist attractions and so is a perfect weekend getaway

from Mumbai and Pune too. Located on the banks of the River Kham, Aurangabad is known as the gateway to the World Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora Caves.