Rajmachi Fort and Kondane caves: Places worth going near Lonavala

25th Nov 2020
Photo of Rajmachi Fort and Kondane caves: Places worth going near Lonavala 1/1 by Deepa

My first visit to Mumbai for a time of two months for a temporary position and our gathering at last arranged (and executed!) the hotly anticipated traveling plan to Rajmachi. Rajmachi Trek is wonderful end of the week escape and a change from standard ends of the week excursions in Bars and Pubs of Mumbai. It is exciting, reviving and gutsy. This journey will most likely push you out of your usual range of familiarity and give you a superior comprehension of the significance of fundamental necessities throughout everyday life.

Rajmachi is around 80 km from Mumbai and roughly the equivalent from where I was staying (IIT Powai). There are two courses for traveling. One is from Karjat, which is around 8 km journey and another from Lonavala, which is 16 km. Try not to get tricked by numbers however, the 8 km journey from Karjat is very brave having steep inclines and makes you sweat a ton if the climate isn't good. While the other course from Lonavala has compliment incline and generally simple.

Day 1

The trekking begins.

We began our excursion at 5:30 toward the beginning of the day. We boarded a nearby train from Kanjurmarg to Karjat and came to there at 8:00. Subsequent to having light breakfast in a neighborhood eatery, we recruited a tum-tum which dropped us at Kondiwade town from where the journeying begins. It was around 9:30 and the expectation of Google Weather figure weren't exact as it was splendid daylight contrasted with the rainstorm we were anticipating. By and by, we began our trip all outfitted with water bottles, bananas, bhujiyas, parle-G scones and other stuff. The assessed time to head out to base town Udaywadi from Kondiwade is two and half hours. Be that as it may, since for all us, this was first traveling experience it took us five and half hours to reach to Udaywadi, which is base town from where you can go to Shivwardhan or Manranjan Fort. No doubt, we were ludicrously moderate and very depleted, taking breaks after every 10 mins of the journey.

The journey from Karjat course as of now told is bold and actually a commendable encounter. One can experience steep inclines, thin streets on the edge of mountains, delightful perspectives and various wounds (no doubt, a few people in our gathering slipped and had wounds). There are a few falls, which were evaporated as the downpour was not our side. There is a cavern and demolishes of antiquated engineering in transit after two kilometers of trip where we had our first break and got our photos clicked.

In the wake of arriving at Udhewadi, the following objective was to trip to Shivwardhan Fort which is 45 mins journey. However, we as a whole were very drained and required a break. We requested a food from a neighborhood eatery and till the food showed up, we as a whole went to a lake close by. Unwinding on pondside with feet plunged in water subsequent to tiring trip is a cherishable second. Subsequent to having our dinner at five in night, we were sluggish to such an extent that we chose to rest for some time as arranged against to trip to the Shivwardhan Fort. The locals are extremely useful and they organized chattais (mats) for us to rests. Looking towards the blue sky above and green grass beneath with beautiful before you carries you closer to nature and really makes you go gaga for its magnificence.