Road Has All The Answers....

25th May 2019
Day 1

Some where I had read that the " Road Has All the answers" it got proved right when I along with my family decided to go on Kokan Trip by Car.
It was May sunny day and we started our journey by early morning so to avoid traffic and we will escape from the city and touch the highway as early as possible. We took the route via Pune - Kolhapur to Kudal.
My first thrilling experience of driving through Mumbai - Pune Express highway. It was wow moment for me as i was driving very first time on this rode. This express Highway has pure magic it gives you the experience of smoothness ride. Lonavala climb is thrill and feels completely adventurous. I just looked outside the view was amazing one side mountains and other side deep valleys. Wow I always wanted to experience this and this was the day where my dreams were coming true.
We crossed pune and took the road towards Kolhapur almost 250km drive for our destination to Kudal. We crossed toll after we crossed Pune this was first toll immediately after Pune which open the door to Kolhapur route. One this which I liked of Kolhapur route is its proper and well maintained smooth roads. It was time for break after tea break on express Highway. It was almost 12:30 and hunger was on high demand so stopped by to the highway hotel speciality of Tambda Rassa and Padndhra Rassa ( Special Kolhapuri food item). Without wasting a min we ordered food. I was feeling so happy from inside and feeling very much fresh afterall I was away from office work and breath taking deadline and living my life at fullest. Sometime Break from busy schedule is absolutely necessary i realised. We finished our food and next the hotel there was farm so my son was excited to get inside the farm as we do not get to see it in our city concrete jungle. We spend good amount of time we played, laughed clicked photos wow what a time we spend there after we do things on our life happyness. So we started our journey and headed towards Kudal our beloved Konkan.
I was carrying my dslr my another Passion Photography made me to stop in between to click some best scenes. Best part of this was that we were not at all in hurry to reach to the destination so we made sure that we will make this trip memorable.
Now it was about 5:30 in the evening and we took another break at Vitthal Kamat highway snacks corner. I am grat admirer of Shri Vitthal Kamat the way he succeeded in food business it is marvellous. One of the best part i feel of the road trip is stopping aside and enjoying the cutting tea. Different world.
Anyway now it was time to complete our last milestone of our journey. We moved ahead and i came to know that there will be Amboli Ghat which we need to cross. This Ghat is on very high and we were on the going down side and that too in the night. It was all dark and in between while i was looking outside it was nothing visible to the side view. Super horrific experience but I kept myself cool and used the best techniques which my driver trainer had taught me so big thank to my trainer. Finally we got down from the Ghat and headed towards Kudal. We touched the Goa highway and from there we took exit towards Kudal and after 10km drive we finally reached to our destination at night 12:30 am.
A entire 14 hours journey by road but not a single % of tiredness. And I was still fresh as of i was ready to take another ride.
This road trip has taught me very important lessons,

Enjoying at the fullest

Make every moment memorable

Experience the magic

Let your worry vanished and just enjoy the road.

Road has all the answers. Just find it.

Thanks for reading as this is very first time i took this chance to express my views about my  road trip.

Photo of Road Has All The Answers.... by praful karambelkar
Photo of Road Has All The Answers.... by praful karambelkar
Photo of Road Has All The Answers.... by praful karambelkar
Photo of Road Has All The Answers.... by praful karambelkar
Photo of Road Has All The Answers.... by praful karambelkar
Photo of Road Has All The Answers.... by praful karambelkar