Travel Diary - A Monsoon Road Trip to the Tamhini Ghat


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I do follow it passionately. I love to explore unknown paths. My favorite is Road trip, every weekend I think of road trips, and if I do not go for some reason, my mind is wandering all the time. Road trip with your best friends is the best thing in the world, playing your favorite list of songs.....isn't it fantastic..right?? Because "to Travel is to Live" - Hans Christian Anderson.

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Pune offers various weekend getaway options with incredible panoramic views which make your trip the best one!!! The city situated at foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains range besides bounded by forest and green hills which make Pune city one of the greenest cities in the Country. My favorite weekend road trip is to the Tamhini Ghat. Ride in the midst of greenery, endless blue water at one side of the road and lush green mountains on the other side. With striking photo points like with a cherry on top. Everything you imagine you can experience in one day trip, like a sudden lottery? So I went once to this road trip, and I never stopped going to Tamhini Ghat. I have visited Tamhini Ghat in all seasons yet every time I come here; I go back with different memories as each season is unique in its way.

Few points -

Distance - about 80km from Pune. Must visit destination in Monsoon. I will say go with a group of friends on the bike, and you will never forget the trip. Go early morning so that you will see the magic of nature. Be prepared - weekends it is full of bikers, drunk youths, dancing on roads, especially in the monsoon. Road - there are many bad patches so be careful.

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Tamhini ghat and Mulshi dam is a favorite weekend getaway for many Punekars. You will find many breathtaking views of the deep valleys. You can spot sunrise and sunsets while going and coming back. The road trip offers numerous options for splendid gavraan Marathi food along the drive. For vegetarians, Quick Bite is the better choice. The Picnic Spot, a small hotel with delicious nonveg food. Moreover, if you are looking for a weekend stay, you can find many resorts in and around Mulshi.

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My road trip story started on Saturday morning 6 o'clock it was the end of monsoon. I went with my best friends by car; but mostly I like road trips on the bike always. It was cold frosty morning, so we were all on our rain coats, windcheaters as we started our journey towards the Tamhini, we did not know what thrilling experience we are supposed to get. Tamhini ghat extended from Pirangut to Sanaswadi approx. distance from Pune to the end of the Ghat is 85 KM. The path from Pune till Paudh town passes through dirty, crowdy, and dusty settlements so start your journey early morning. As we crossed Paudh gaon, the magical journey began. The enormous Sahyadri range started to unfold slowly with lovely waterfalls, and as we went ahead, the view we saw was better and better. You will see 30 to 40 small and big waterfalls from Mulshi to the end of Tamhini ghat in the Monsoon with tourists flocking around having fun all around these lovely waterfalls. We did the same, played in the fresh water, monsoon water ponds, Mulshi Lake and clicked many many photos :). We also went to the rice farm on the road and talked with the people working in the rain. They were kind enough to let us come on the farm.

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Mulshi dam is at the beginning of the Tamhini ghat and is amazingly beautiful. Tata Power Company owns Mulshi dam; you can touch the water at very few places where it is safe, they have built a compound around the lake. The traffic flow is not very heavy most of the road is narrow, and buses and trucks conquer the entire area, so sometimes it might slow you down a bit. The Tamhini ghat is impressive for a day's trip, try to come back before sunset if it's one day trip it's deserted at night so avoid night journey.

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If you are looking for more adventure, you can go further and visit the Raigad Fort, the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Moreover, river rafting is the most amazing option available in Kolad 70 km from Tamhini Ghat. Cheers to the road trips!

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