Route 3: Diveagar - Tamhini - Mulshi - Pune


Summary: Tamhini Ghat route is one of the must ride route in Maharashtra. In monsoon, this place turns green with waterfalls lined up along the road. The other side of the road provides beautiful valley views. This route is loaded with awesomeness.

Best time to visit: Monsoon being the best. Aug - Feb is also great.

Drive: I was already in Diveagar and going back by the same route to Mumbai; didnt interest me much. Having a day extra and being peak monsoon season, I headed off to Mumbai via Pune by the Tamhini Ghat road.

This route seems tempting on the maps itself. The Tamhini Ghat section and the GarudMachi section offers superb views of mountains valleys. You can enjoy private waterfalls on this road. There are plenty of them in Jul to Sep. There is no need to find the Real Tamhini Ghat waterfall. It is going to be crowded there. I used one of the roadside waterfall to wash my bike.

Below video of a curvy Tamhini Ghat road

I was done with Tamhini now. It was time to move ahead to the next part: Mulshi. I came across a large water body known as - Mulshi Lake / Mulshi Dam / Mula River. The lake/dam area is nestled between mountains on all sides. I stopped at one such scenic location and went down the path towards the water. I sat there for around half and hour not getting bored at all. The various nature sounds of birds chirping, water waves, the light and sometimes strong winds on my face, the peaceful feeling I had, it cannot be expressed in words.

Below video of road towards Mulshi lake from Tamhini

As you near the city of Pune from any direction, you see multiple places selling Vada. Vada hoardings so huge probably not even used by Jewellers.

These vadas are rich in minerals, vitamins and detox agents that keep you young and healthy. If you scratch the surface of the vada you might even get a chance to tour Europe for free.

Jokes apart, the vadas are actually tasty. A must eat highway food.

Brakes: The best part of the ride is the road conditions being good. Unlike many places in Maharashtra, there are relatively less potholes and roads are wide enough with scenic beauty all around.

It doesn't matter if you stop here for a waterfall bath or to eat something or for photography. Just the ride itself is so wonderful. Both Tamhini and Mulshi are crowded in monsoon, but its a vast area and the crowd should not bother you much. Every other corner on this route offers great views. From Mulshi, moving towards east takes you to Pune and going north takes you to Aamby valley / Lavasa / Lonavala.

Mobile network is present here.

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