Mesmerizing Meghalaya

1st May 2019
Photo of Mesmerizing Meghalaya 1/9 by goutami90
Double decker bridge

Day 1:

We landed at 11:30 a.m Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, booked a uber and headed to our bike rental store(Trivane bike rentals). A quick lunch @Oriental bistro, s a lovely place with good ambiance and food in Guwahati to start the exciting ride.

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Embarked our journey to Shillong at @2:30, via Khanapara. We made bookings at Silver brook hostel via hostel world which is 20km from Shillong(Mylliem). We reached our hostel at 5:00 after two pit stops. As the sun goes down the wind speed increases, so try to reach your destination by evening.

Day 2:

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Next morning we headed to Tryna for our adventurous trek to the double decker root bridge. We crossed Sohra(Cherrapunjee) to reach Tryna. The view was awestruck throughout. The road was crooked for 3kms. Parked out bikes at Jingkyrkhu I Pa Homestay, they charged 30rs for each bike. Started the trek to double-decker living root bridge around 9:30 a.m and reached the picturesque bridge at 11:30 getting drenched in sweat and rain. It is 3 km from Tryna and you need to walk 3500 steps one way.

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After clicking some picture and sipping hot maggi soup at Serene homestay we headed back to Tryna, this was tough as we need to climb the steps back. Our actual plan was to stay at Tryna and start for Shnongpend the next morning, but as we reached tryna by 2:30 we decided to drive for a while.

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Day 3:

We halted at Sohra that night, after a good night sleep next day we witnessed the tallest plunge waterfall in India i.e. Nohkalikai Falls. We had our breakfast at a restaurant adjacent to the viewpoint with the view of the falls.

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Nohkalikai Falls

It is pouring rain, the sight evoked we are driving on the roads of the wettest place on the earth. The fog did not allow us to see the road we somehow reached Siatbakon, a hillside restaurant to have some hot tea. The weather was pleasant and we embarked to shnonpdeng via Dawki.

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The roads are narrow and due to mining work, half the road was covered with trucks carrying the rocks. We managed to reach shnongpdeng by 4, dropped the backpacks in camps and headed for boating across the clear water river. Fortunately, the rain paused for a while.

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Sleeping in the tent under the pouring rain was tough. I was excited for the next day as the next on the list is Krang suri Waterfalls, I love blue natural pools. After having 7 plates of maggi we embarked our journey. The ride was rough in the rain.

Photo of Mesmerizing Meghalaya 9/9 by goutami90

It was a disappointment, due to heavy rainfall the waterfall was flooding with dirt water. We had a quick lunch and headed back to Hillside Highway Cottages. The stay was comfortable and we got to see the sun the next day after three days.

We started back to Guwahati, had our breakfast at Silver brook hostel reached by 2 in the afternoon. Returned our bikes and tasted some street food on the way to the airport.

Trivane Bike Rentals: 900/- per bike for 24 hours                                                                             Silverbrook hostel: ~200/- per head                                                                                                         Travenjo-800/- per Tent                                                                                                                                   Hillside Highway Cottages-2000/night