Double Decker Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya


Double Decker Root Bridges

Photo of Double Decker Living Root Bridge, Nongriat by Nisha Khulbe

When I decided to explore Meghalaya I would have never guessed it to be this amazing and its becoming interesting with each passing day. After a great hike at one of the best trek in Meghalaya - David Scott's Trail its time to go for another hike just a few kms ahead of the splendid town of Sohra(Cherrapunji), the Double decker and single root bridges built by Khasi tribes years back to cross rivers and a pathway to move from one village to another. Even after years and years these natural architectural marvels still exist with no change at all.

This hike will start from Tryna village that is a ride of atleast 2 hours from Sohra and there are around 3500 stairs from start till double decker root bridge and its a strenuous trek that will take you around 3-4 hours to complete. Also after double decker there is another more challenging portion of Rainbow falls trek that is again uphill stairs and boulder section, that will take you another 2 hours. You can start early morning 6am from Tryna and can complete both these and come back by 3-3:30 or you can also stay at Nongrait where double decker is for a night ,there are homestays option there but pre book in busy times.

Rainbow Falls

Photo of Rainbow Falls, Shillong Division by Nisha Khulbe

I have documented each and every detail that you need to easily complete and plan this hike. This vlog has a detailed guide to do double decker root bridge and rainbow falls, how you can start where to stay and what to do and how to go along for the trek.

For any information regarding this feel free to write your questions under the video, will surely get back. Have a great trip. Happy Travelling !!!!