Mirik (underrated)

  • Mirik is just 50 odd kilometres from New Jalpaiguri or Bagdogra and is easily covered within 1 and 1/2 hours. Since Mirik's elevation is about 5000 feet only, it is pleasant throughout the year except in peak winters when it slightly gets chilly. 
  • The route to Mirik is very scenic with sprawling tea gardens on both sides, undulating hills draped with tea bushes and small hamlets with tea stalls, eating joints very typical of all indian hill stations. 
  • The main attraction of Mirik is the lake. The lake is bordered by the entire Mirik town on one side and dense forest on the other which makes it a perfect postcard destination. There is boating facilities and horse riding around the lake. One can also hike to Boker monastery which boasts a birds eye view of the lake below. 
  • But the most sweet spots of a destination are always discovered unknowingly. Thats what happened when i saw a row of swiss cottages at the top of a hill from the lake below. I enquired and it turned out to be a helipad. And off i went with my wife grudgingly tagging along knowing fully well that it would turn out to be one of the most remote places in Mirik. And she was right as usual. 
  • Unhindered panoramic view of the mighty himalayas at eye level. We were the only ones there :) Very breezy and those cottages were actually a hotel being built, 5 minutes walking distance from the helipad. The lake seemed so distant away. 
  • I also took a stroll in the woods early in the morning just after sunrise. The lake seemed so surreal with morning mist floating on the lake with tightly packed tall pine trees as the backdrop. The sun playing hide and seek as I was walking in the woods coupled with familiar eerily sounds of a forest was simply mind blowing.
  • We stayed in Jagjeet Hotel. Centrally located and lip smacking food. We also stayed in a homestay 10 odd kilometres from Mirik. But thats another story that I will share later.