26th May 2022

Bunkulung an offbeat tourist destination at North Bengal is surrounded by the majestic hills and the river Balasun. This is a nature’s paradise with its silent, lush green surroundings. The saying ‘Take the road less traveled by’ perfectly explains the alluring beauty of the unhindered, untouched destination.

Offbeat generally defined as the unusual and unconventional. Bunkulung Mirik, a destination at North Bengal defines the true meaning of an offbeat tourist destination site. Mirik Bunkulung is an idyllic small picture perfect village surrounded by the majestic Himalayas and river Balasun. A saying “ Take the road less traveled by ” perfectly goes with this alluring place. It is a nature lover’s paradise. It is impossible to have a single dull moment at this exotic, exhilarating place. It is one of the perfect destination site to spend your weekends in North Bengal. Silence can be enjoyed here coming out of our hustle and bustle life. An unusual, exhilarating tourist spot to heal your complete soul. This place will provide an eternal bliss of heaven. Bunkulung provides a break from our life in between the four walls and allow us to connect with the silent, lush green surrounding of nature.

Photo of Mirik by Travelling with us
Photo of Mirik by Travelling with us


It takes approximately 2 hours from Siliguri via the Mirik road. Travelers can book a vehicle from Siliguri to Bunkulung or can also travel on shared cabs. If someone choose shared car then need to change the vehicle from Soureni, which will lead to Bunkulung. There is another alternate road via Dudhia to reach Bunkulung, which is in fact a shorter route. Travelers can also plan their trip from Mirik Bunkulung.

Photo of BUNKULUNG , Mirik by Travelling with us
Photo of BUNKULUNG , Mirik by Travelling with us


Bunkulung Mirik serves as an adventurous trip with the provisions for forest camping, river crossing. The camping area is another amazing attraction for the tourist. A small barren land for setting the camp, which is surrounded, by the forests and in front lies the end gap with Balasun river flowing down in between two hills. At night, the view becomes more dramatic with camp fire being lit by the travelers. This surely becomes a lifetime experience for the travelers. Moreover the village is surrounded by the tea gardens which can be roamed around by foot and one can also enjoy a dip in the river Balasun.

Photo of BUNKULUNG , Mirik by Travelling with us


The panoramic view from the narrow, mud road with just on the head turned is simply astounding. It becomes truly inopportune to put eyes out of that view and concentrate to drive. Moreover the small water streams along this road from the hills makes you feel refreshed and recharged. The amazing view of the surrounding reliefs our eyes from the chagrin of the road. The truly silent nature with just the sounds of winds flowing, birds chirping and flowing water is just more than enough to pacify our tired soul. Our ears along with our eyes rests in the midst of god’s own nature. The forest of Bunkulung is a storage box to various fruits which are surprisingly edible. The beauty of the forest is more enhanced by the presence of varieties of Butterflies with their unimaginable colors. It is a view to be admired for lifetime.On a few distance there lies an Old Iron Casted Bridge with an U-shape architecture which remains hanging.


Though Bunkulung near Mirik can be visited throughout the year but the greenery around comes to its real life during the rains, and it looks as pure and fresh as the rising sun. Travelers also visit the place during winter with great enthusiast.