A Gateway to Mulshi Dam

14th Aug 2020
Day 1

Pune, a sprawling city in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra, nestled in the middle of Sahyadri hills is a beautiful city surrouunded by a wide range of hills, aesthetic mountains, and bonny dams. There are 25 immaculated dams in Pune and Mulshi dam is one of them.

Mulshi Dam, located on the Mula river, is one of the top attraction in Pune and a perfect weekend gateway especially during the monsoon.

Mulshi dam is around 40kms from Pune by road, taking around 1hr 30 mins to reach to a boasting tranquil environment with natural serenity and calmness. The wondrous view of Sahyadri range, the pictursque landscape, the brimming array of local flora and fauna, the luscious lake and the spunky waterfall make this place a must visit during monsoon.
Though the on road journey is quite outrageous due to improper and uneven roads but as you reach there the place has the magic to appease and alleviate your tiredness.
The refreshing greenery, the chirping of birds, the sweet- smelling soils and a lush green forest stretch in and around the dam is awe-inspiring. The hefty enchanting waterfall to soak in the water and flow with the pure and pristine water of nature is just mesmerising.
Mulshi Dam is one of the hotspot one day trip to enjoy, relax and escapade the beauty of nature at its par.

Photo of Pune by Puja Begwani
Photo of Pune by Puja Begwani
Photo of Pune by Puja Begwani
Photo of Pune by Puja Begwani