Going on a monsoon Road-trip near Pune ?

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Monsoon is fascinating as always. It amplifies happiness in multi folds for the people who depend on monsoon and also for the bio diversity around. Monsoon gives a make over to earth, especially to the western ghats of India. Why not go on a monsoon ride near Pune then?

We are fortunate enough to have Western ghats around Pune. There are many monsoon destinations you can choose from for your monsoon drive or ride experience. Today, let's get to know more about all these destinations and some tips, tricks and precautions to take while planning your monsoon ride near Pune.

An overnight monsoon trip with adventure and stay in tents, with mouth watering, live BBQ, authentic village food and an experience of being into the paradise. Want to experience the monsoon to its best? Want to enjoy monsoon traffic free and hassle free? Want get away from crowd and rowdy public who booze and dance vulgar at Public tourists places(Like Mulshi)...Want to escape your hi-fi gadgets for a day or two?If your answer is Yes to all above questions, then Nisargshala is the destination you must to be at.

You get best of both the worlds. A drive through scenic western ghats, which is going to free from road jams. Instead of horns honking you might get to hear chirping of birds, whooping of langoors and mating calls from peahens. If you are planning to book a trip with Nisargshala, don't forget to ask us about this scenic route to Nisargshala.

At Nisargshala camping you would get to pitch your own tent, roast your BBQ, meditate at the river bank and also do some great adventure waterfall rappelling at the nearby waterfall. Once you are done with your camping and adventure @ Nisargshala, you can visit places like Madheghat, Torna fort, Rajgad fort, etc.

What you should see in Mulshi?

Palase Waterfall, Kundalika Valley, Plus Valley, ghangad Fort, Telbail

How to avoid traffic jams on Mulshi Road trips?

Road to take -

As it's the most visited and crowded place near Pune with better road conditions and less distance, you should be more careful while planning this ride. You should start early from Pune. Use google traffic alerts to know the traffic jams to and fro. For last 4 weekends, I drove in the evening from Pune to Pirangut. And i have observed heavy traffic jams in Bhugaon area. Tourists who come back from Mulshi, dont follow traffic rules and make 3-4 lanes of vehicle towards Pune, ultimately results in heavy traffic jams of approximately 2 to 3 hours. To avoid this, know the alternate roads to reach Pune. First Option is Take left from Ghotawade Phata to go to Hinjawadi IT park, then Hinjawadi and then Wakad and then Bengalore highway. Second Option is Take left from Lawale Phata, via Lawale, Nande, Sus village reach Bengalore highway. These alternative road you can take while coming back from your Mulshi trip, you also choose to take these roads while going to Mulshi. Observe the lane discipline to avoid traffic bottlenecks.

Avoid throwing thrash in the nature. Strictly avoid in take of liquor on a monsoon trip.If you see people boozing and creating chaos with loud music, immediately inform police. Sharing the phone number of local police station - 020 2294 3133. Keep it saved in your mobile.


In the peak monsoon season, the local govt body, keeps t Bhushi dam closed for tourists due to many unwanted accidents and deaths occured in last few years.

If that is the case in your trip to Lonavala, what other places you must visit?Yes, there are plenty of equally beautiful places the area. To name few, Korigad, Telbail, Karla and Bhaje caves,Lohgad and Visapur Forts, Dukes nose, Kune Waterfall.

Its recommended that you get a local guide with you if you don't want to miss anything.

Also please make a note that tourists should use public transport wiz the Mumbai-Pune Local train and then use local transport options. This will help reduce traffic jams and you will have worry free and hassle free monsoon trip near Pune to Lonavala.

Keep Lonawala Police station Phone number handy in case you need any help or even if you want misbehaviour of other people to bring police's notice.

Lonawala Police station - 02114 273 036

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Beautiful view of Sahyadri range with a cloud cover from Lonavala

Approximately 120 kms from Pune. This ride is one of the best monsoon rides. Get your packed and belongings covvered in plastic and get wet in the waterfalls in the ghat. From a particular point in this ghat, you can see a reverse waterfall towards the direction of Harishchandra Gad. Less Traffic when compared to Mulshi, this road gets enough space to breathe and if vehicle drivers observe lane discipline, all can enjoy smooth traffic and have wonderful monsoon ride. But on weekends, heavy traffic is observed in last few years. Tourists from Mumbai visit this ghat a lot.

Approximately 100 kms from Pune, this destination and also the roadtrip is a great experience in the monsoon. You can take Pune Begaluru highway and take right for Bhor town. Use google maps with directions navigation. What else you can see around? ... Shivthar Ghal(शिवथर घळ). This is a sacred place underneath a waterfall, in a cave. His holiness Ramdas Swami, a poet revolutionary saint during the times of The Great Raja Shivaji.