15th Sep 2017

Heaven on Earth!

Photo of #AfroInAndamans by Zerxes Wadia
Day 1

Andamans, one of the most underrated islands in all of Asia. And I had the privilege to do a solo trip at a very crucial time of my life. I had chosen to quit my full time job as the head of the branded content team at MTV to step out and make my own content and this trip was me experimenting with that while also discovering a part of me that had been buried under office desks.

As I arrived via flight from Chennai, my mind was blown at what lay ahead.

Day 2

My first day was spent in and around Port Blair just checking out the little city that it was and the local sights to be seen that have been captured in this VLOG below:

But I was most excited for the island life and away from the city and here's what my first glimpse looked like:

Day 3

Havelock was bringing the best out of me!

Day 4

Made a bunch of new friends and went on to explore the island with them!

Day 5

My entire experience on the island of Havelock summed up here in the vlog below:

Day 6
Day 7

From there, it was time to island hop again and move to the even smaller, more wonderful Neil Island!

Day 8

The beauty of Neil and the natural wonders had me enthralled but what captured me even more was the new friends I made who stuck with through the entirety of the trip!

Day 9

Easily some of the most wonderful sites await you in Neil, like this rainbow as the sun sets into the sea!

Day 10

Here's my entire experience on Neil Island captured in yet another wonderful vlog!

Day 11

From Neil we island hopped back to Port Blair for a short stop before we island hopped to a really big jewel which has not been entirely discovered called Little Andamans. Badly affected by the 2004 tsunami, this island is still stuck in a time loop but is a beautiful stretch of sea, road, jungle and sea again for 25kms straight.

Day 12

Joining me on this island were friends I made at Neil and considering that this island has absolutely no network, friends are what keep you going!

Day 13

There was a sight of nature waiting to enthrall you everywhere you looked on these islands and we had it all to ourselves!

Day 14

What little justice a camera can do to a wonderful island like Little Andamans is captured in the vlog, however I strongly recommend a trip here!

Day 15

We monkeyed around and returned to Port Blair to check out a few sites we had missed out such as Mount Harriett, Chidiyatapu trek, etc.

Day 16

The 25 minte trek at Chidiyatapu is worth only for the view from the top, one side is the tourist side of it and the other side of it is untouched by humans. A wonderful contrast to see and there are crocodiles lurking around so you are not allowed post sunset!

Day 17

A heavy heart and a bag full of memories later, I was back and I made a little tribute to my favourite show Bojack Horseman but that is for another time!