Be Young 4ever


February is one of the best months to visit Mumbai. The weather is not too hot or not too cold. The winter is packing its bags for a 8 months vacation, while summer is peeping from behind the wing, eagerly waiting for its entry.

Here is a list of my personal favourites to do in Mumbai, most of them are free or low-cost ones considering all types of budgets, and quality is guaranteed.

1) Kala Ghoda arts festival -

Every year the South Mumbai district of Colaba becomes livelier than it already is for 10 days. You will notice hordes of people walking towards the area well known as Kala Ghoda. It is country's largest multicultural festival. The widest spectrum of anything and everything that is related to art.

When: First Saturday of February till following SundayDuration: 10 DaysSuitable for: Any age group including children

Booking information: Just show up. The venue is open from morning till 10 pm. You can enter at any time, linger around as long as you want and leave whenever you like.

What is it about: Brilliant art displays by Indian and International artists, Workshops, Heritage walks & tours, Performances

Art forms covered: Photography, Literature, Dance, Food, Cinema, Theater, Music, Craft, Artisan Craft, India's traditional arts, Pottery, Storytelling for children

Who is it for: People of all ages. It has workshops for children & adults both. The art displays & performances are suitable for all age groups.

Tips: Avoid last Sunday evening as it is suffocating overcrowded. Weekdays are the best if you can make it otherwise, mornings, afternoons on weekends would be the second best option.

Where: Kala Goda, Colaba

2) Homage to Abbaji -

It is musical extravaganza hosted by internationally acclaimed Tabla Maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain as a tribute to his father Ustad Allarakha Khan. Many Indian and international artists grace the occasion by to performing alongside him.

When: 3 February every yearDuration: 3 sessions of 3 hours each, 6.30 am, 10.30 am, 6.30 pmSuitable for: Any age group including childrenWhat is it about: Live music which will carry you to another world

Booking information: The entry passes are available 1 hour before each session.

Tips: The program is highly in demand, making it difficult to get passes. People start queuing up well in advance for each session (approx. 2 hours before the session) to get the passes. So make sure you reach in time to stand in the queue.

3) Lit O Fest -

When: Third week of February.Duration: 2 DaysSuitable for: Any age group including children

The weather being good there are a lot many outdoor activities you can opt for. But more about it on another day in another blog post.