Mahuli Fort Trek

12th Sep 2015

Finally visited one of the beautiful place, Mahuli Fort which was on my list from a long time on 12th Sept 2015. 
We hired a 4 seater auto rickshaw from Asangaon station to the base village Mahuli which cost us 250 Rs(yeah its a standard price, they wont take a penny less than that). After reaching the village, Auto driver told us that it would take 30 mins for us to reach to the top.
My friend was happy as he wont have to spend much energy to reach to the top of the fort. We had awesome kandha-poha at the base village and then we started our trek. We had to cross a small river which had very less water at that time. Then we met with a large group after 15 mins of walking and climbing. My friends also decided to take rest along with that group while I decided to click few pictures of the beautiful flowers on the side of the walk. 
Then we moved forward or i should say upward leaving the group behind. After few mins of walk we saw few trees with fully bloomed Karvy flower which is very rare as it blooms only once in a 7 years. i was really surprise to see around 100s of Karvy in a single place. Then after few clicks we moved forward and suddenly the path became heavenly beautiful as it was covered from both side with the charming karvy flowers. We walked, we climbed but the path did not end, nor the Karvy on the way which made my day even far before i reach to the top of the fort.
After 2 hours of walk-climb, we found a ladder path which was little tricky, so we had to climb it carefully one at a time. I saw water body little far away after climbing the ladder which I thought is a lake, when we moved closer, it was nothing but a water tank. While taking rest near the tank we met the group we left behind. The left route from this tank goes towards cave, we took the right route along with that group and after another 15 mins walk we came to know that we are at the top, there is no particular structure like fort. As we moved little further, we found a small temple of Shiv-ling under a tree which was looking so beautiful. Near to that temple there was a Hanuman Darwaza and few caves. People who come through the difficult path from Vashind station, enters to Mahuli Fort from this door called Hanuman Darwaza.
We found drinkable water near the temple and had our lunch then we decided to descend towards base. The rain-lord was happy with our performance so he blessed us with the continuos rain till we reach to the base from the top. Many insects were coming out and the beautiful flowers were dancing in the rain. The descend was little tricky as rain made it little slippery. It took us 1.5 hours to reach to the base and it was almost dark, we took Auto to reach Asangaon station and got local from there and reached Mumbai around 8 pm.
We were so happy to push ourselves to complete this medium level trek. Not 100s or 1000s, we have witnessed a lot more than 10000s of karvy on the way to this awesome fort and I have never seen so beautiful pinnacles anywhere else what i have seen at this fort. Carry enough water and food with you as you will find water only on the top of the fort but no food is available after you cross the base village. A group who went near the bhadargad site which is near the caves, saw a leopard, so take precaution on that and travel in a large group if you ever planned to visit this fort. 
Thank you for reading...Happy Trekking :-)

P.S All photos are taken in Oneplus One Mobile :)