A Definitive Weekend Itinerary Of Mumbai Attractions To Enjoy The 'Maximum City' To The Fullest


Mumbai – the Maximum City – has something for everyone. It doesn't matter where you live in India or what you do, you are going to be in this city at some time or the other in your life. And whether it's for professional reasons or personal, it's your prerogative to have a great time enjoying the Mumbai attractions once you're here.

I'm recommending a definitive itinerary of Mumbai attractions so you can extract as much pleasure as possible out of Mumbai in one weekend alone. Just "wishlist" this blog post by clicking on the heart-shaped button you see on the top right, and you don't have to worry about what you're going to do in Mumbai the next time you are there.

Itinerary of Mumbai attractions

So, here you go:

Day 1

If you are here for the weekend, there might be a chance that you touch down on Friday night. To get started, you can either drink the night away with your fellows and then explore the famed Juhu Beach, or just head to the beach straight.

10:30 PM

Credits: The Bar Stock Exchange

Photo of Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

This is a great place to drink without burning a hole in your pocket. The Bar Stock Exchange is a unique concept, where the prices of alcohol are dynamic, based on the current demand and supply, just like at the stock market. Also the fact that it's open till 1:30 in the night should give you reason enough to chill there.

Where: 1st Floor, Club House Equinox Business Park, Kurla

Contact: 022 69000146

How much: Rs. 1,200 for 2

1:30 AM

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Juhu Beach, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

If you're the adventurous kind, you can go for a stroll on Juhu Beach. The wind will be cold and the ambience will be authentic Mumbaiya. Just sit here for a couple of hours and find yourself engulfed by the spirit of Mumbai.

Day 2

The drinking and travelling on the night before must have ensured that you would stay in bed till noon. So, before you start your day, have a wholesome brunch to keep you going till the dawn of Sunday. Here are two options below:

12 Noon

Credits: Theobroma

Photo of Theobroma, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

Theobroma Patisserie may be relatively new in the business, but it has climbed the charts quickly, thanks to its uncompromisingly-delicious savouries and cakes. You should have your brunch here.

Where: The Capital, Ground Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex

Contact: 022 30151533

How much: Rs. 600 for 2

Credits: 8 Food

Photo of 8 Food, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

This is the best option if you want to get food delivered to where you're staying. For healthy food, which includes a well-cooked chicken breast and salads, 8 Food is a great option. It will fill you up to endure the rest of the day.

Where: Near MIG Cricket Club, Bandra Kurla Complex

Contact: 022 30151284

How Much: Rs. 650 for 2

3 PM

Credits: Lisa de Vreede

Photo of Haji Ali Dargah, Dargah Road, Haji Ali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

The Haji Ali Dargah is one of the most iconic insignias of secularism in Mumbai. A fantastic example of the Indo-Islamic architecture, the Dargah was constructed in 1431 and contains the tomb of Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. The journey all the way to the shrine is an experience in itself, since the dargah is located in the middle of the Worli Bay. The causeway to reach the dargah is about a kilometre long but is not broad, and hence ends up getting submerged during the high tides making the dargah completely inaccessible during those times. Like most Muslim shrines, this structure is also whitewashed and the tomb on the inside is covered with the trademark red and green blanket.

6 PM

Credits: Aashim Tyagi

Photo of B. Merwan and Co., Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

Although Haji Ali has many amazing Mughlai restaurants nearby, but I'd strongly recommend you travel 3km away to Grant Road for a bite at the legendary Parsi bakery, B. Merwan & Co. There are two reasons why you should visit this in the evening. One, you had a late brunch, and hence you won't feel like a full meal at this time. Two, Parsis form an integral part of Mumbai's history, and in current times their peculiar way of living is on public display at the many cafes in the city. You can eat whatever you want, but don't leave the place without trying their macaroon and cheese cakes.

Where: Ali Bhai Remji Road, Opposite Station, Grant Road East

Contact: 022 23093321

How much: Rs. 100 for 2

7:30 PM

Credits: Vanie Castro

Photo of Mahalakshmi Temple, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

If you're still in the mood to unravel all things that make Mumbai, Mahalakshmi Temple is a major pitstop. Built in 1831, the temple is dedicated to the central deity of Mahatmyam Mahalakshmi. Even though it's essentially a Hindu temple, it's popular amongst people of all faiths. If you've ever travelled in a Mumbai Local, you would have noticed how almost everyone inside folds their hands in a silent prayer when the Mahalakshmi station arrives. The temple is only a kilometre away from the station and features images of the Tridevi goddesses – Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati.

10 PM

Credits: Capital Social

Photo of Capital Social, Semsons Road, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

A day of wandering around deserves a fitting end, and Capital Social captures the beat of the city very well. This place sees the who's who of the city coming down for drinks and food; don't be surprised if run into a Bollywood celeb on your visit. Get drunk and get your plans ready for the last day.

Where: Ground Floor, The Capital Building, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex

Contact: 022 64519333

How Much: Rs. 2,000 for 2

Credits: Soda Bottle Openerwala

Photo of Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

Soda Bottle Openerwala is your best bet for great food in the Bandra-Kurla Complex. Wash down some authentic Parsi food with their delicious cocktails and you're sorted for the night.

Where: Ground Floor, The Capital Building, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex

Contact: 022 40035678

How much: Rs. 1,300 for 2

Day 3

11 AM

There are some great breakfast options in Mumbai, and for your last day in the city you deserve nothing but the best. Depending on your budget, you can pick either of the two mentioned below.

Credits: Cafe Madras

Photo of Cafe Madras, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

Cafe Madras, or the Madras Cafe has some great Udupi-style South Indian food served throughout the day. But there is no better time for a dosa than in the morning, right?

Where: 38 B, Circle House, King's Circle, Matunga East

Contact: 022 24014419

How much: Rs. 250 for 2

Credits: Salt Water Cafe

Photo of Salt Water Cafe, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

Because this is the onset of winters, it'll be a better experience to have your breakfast on a rooftop. Salt Water Cafe can give you this experience along with the outstanding dishes it serves for breakfast and brunch. The ambience is also magnetic, giving you quite a view of the bustling Bandra West.

Where: 87 Chapel Road, Next to Mount Carmel Church, Reclamation, Bandra West

Contact: 022 26434441

How much: Rs. 1,600 for 2

2 PM

Credits: Naveed Dadan

Photo of Gateway Of India Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

What have you seen in Mumbai, if you haven't seen The Gateway of India? It is the insignia of the city, and there's no way you can afford to miss this historic site. Originally used as a crude jetty used by the fishing community, the site was renovated in 1924 to its current form. It began to be used as a dropping point for all influential personalities coming to Mumbai via the Arabian Sea.

4 PM

Credits: Rajeev Ranjan Singh

Photo of Gokul Restaurant, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

Shady alert! Just like The Gateway of India is necessary for your Mumbai education, this king of shady bars, Gokul, will ensure that you are fully abreast with the true culture of the city. Gokul enjoys an almost cult following amongst the most elite as well as the not so well-to-do, for this is one place where alcohol is the answer to all problems. Located around 2 minutes away from the gateway, this should be your only destination after that.

Where: 10, Tullock Road, Apollo Bunder, Colaba

Contact: +91 9867244668

How much: Rs. 1,000 for 2

7 PM

Credits: Dani Vann

Photo of Leopold Cafe, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

Leopold Cafe & Bar has been in existence since before independence, and it will still remind you of the Victorian style the British were so proud of. Even though you may have been full after a visit to Gokul, it's always advisable to sit at Leopold for at least a bite to be a part of Mumbai's history.

Where: S.B. Singh Road, Colaba Causeway, Colaba

Contact: 022 22828185

How Much: Rs. 2,000 for 2

9 PM

You can only go further than this if you don't have a flight/train back to catch.

Credits: Province of British Columbia

Photo of Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

In order to take in the essence of the city, one needs to witness what locals do and indulge in it. The best place to do so is the great Siddhivinayak Temple. And if you're doing so, it's best to board the local train to catch the pulse of the city. The temple was originally built in 1801 by Laxman Vithu and Deubai Patil. One of the wealthiest temples in the world in terms of donations, Siddhivinayak attracts massive crowds everyday that often include celebrities and other important personalities.

12 Midnight

Credits: Deven Dadbhawala

Photo of Marine Drive, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prateek Dham

There can be no fitting conclusion to your Mumbai sojourn than at Marine Drive, which defines the feeling of this city perfectly. This is where you should ideally end up on Sunday night with your friends by your side and unlimited conversations to tend to. This is the pinnacle of Mumbai attractions.

I promise you that if you follow this itinerary, you will go back with immense love for Mumbai in your heart.

Do write about your Mumbai experiences, we'd love to hear from you!


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