Positano of Mumbai: Here's How This Slum Turned from Drab to Dramatic

Photo of Positano of Mumbai: Here's How This Slum Turned from Drab to Dramatic by Priya Pareek

Now called the "Positano of Mumbai", Asalpha is a slum nestled up in the middle of Mumbai. The ordinary looking village has been turned into a tourist spot by the team of Chal Rang De.

Colored in vibrant hues of pink, yellow, red and more, the slums now look stunning and every wall in the area has a charm of its own.

Dedeepya Reddy, founder of Chal Rang De reached out to artists across the country with the idea to beautify Mumbai’s slums in order to change the way people look at slums in India. With this creative though, she changed the slum into a piece of art.

With a team of 750 volunteers, the team painted 170 walls and created 17 murals. Every mural has a beautiful message for or from the slum dwellers.

While painting an entire slum area is itself a daunting task, the journey has just began for the Chal Rang De team who wish to cover the entire city. The idea is to add colors and happiness to as many lives as possible. Transforming their homes is just one of the ways to empower these people who are often looked down upon.

Dedeepya Reddy said that they are not only painting these areas but are also creating curated tours for people wherein local boys are trained to take visitors around so that they can make more money.

Next time when you are in Mumbai, do stop by this beautiful village in Ghatkopar to click colorful pictures. Now you know how to make your Instagram feed more enchanting!

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